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The case of the week on "Carrot or Stick" was especially heavy-handed. That's guaranteed to be the result any time a character utters a line such as: "He doesn't need a drill instructor. He needs a father."

But the two-thirds of the episode that didn't focus on a mysterious illness delivered enough laughs to make this episode satisfying.

I know the hour dealt with multiple questions of whether or not someone can change - Chase and his womanizing, the patient and his belief in strict discipline, House and his feelings for Rachel - but I enjoyed it more for comedic reasons than anything overly profound. Multiple jokes were made about the size of Chase's penis, remember.

With Flowers

The show has gone to extreme lengths in order to depict Chase as a whore (if I may be as blunt as Masters). I mean, three women in one night? At a wedding that was not thrown at the Playboy Mansion?!?

Still, for the second time in two weeks (following a focus on Taub's crumbling marriage), House dedicated a chunk of time to an underling, giving viewers something to care about other than whatever scheme House was cooking up. I appreciate the effort and laughed hardest when Taub thanked Chase for giving him a distraction from his divorce, and also when he asked simply:

"How is this not hilarious?"

As for House's storyline, is anyone else totally creeped out by Rachel? She's like two years old and her expression never changes. Instead of checking her IQ, perhaps House should run a few diagnostic tests on Huddy's poor, silent daughter.

On a more serious note, it's typical for House to couch his feelings in terms of logic (if Cuddy is sad, I will be put out; therefore, I must do whatever I can to make Cuddy happy...), which made the final scene of the episode nice and heartwarming. There's no way rationalize a little girl crawling into your lap. You've just gotta go with it and appreciate the position you are in.

You've also gotta admire that same girl for her ability to lie! There's serious talent there.


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Everybody agrees that the girl went to far... Dude, he's just not that into you. Every minute of House/Rachel made me laugh in this episode. He's adorable. Teaching her was, in my opinion, a huge gesture. Even without Cuddy noticing it. And I don't agree that the girl has no expressions. She reminds me much of my younger cousin, she's just in her own word. Plus, you gotta give it up for her lying skills =D


I know there have been alot of complaints about putting House and Cutty together, but I think they are making it work so beautifully. Only these writers could have pulled it off the way they are. Their union adds more options to the storyline from week to week. I hope they don't break them up ever... I'm still trying to decide about Amber...she bugs me in a lot of ways, but on the other hand I love House's interaction with her and how he is slowly breaking her in as she is him. As for Chase, I think he deserved what he got, but I also think anyone who steels and changes your password and 2500.00 off your credit card needs to do some jail time.


I gotta agree about the the chick stealing his money. That's deranged shit. The woman didn't deserve a dinner offer, she deserved handcuffs....and not in the good way. The little is creepily expressionless, but I gotta let it go. Tough for a kid that age to follow direction, and she was concentrating. They should just get rid of Foreman. I like the actor, I like the character...but they give him three looks...Bemused...Amused....Confused. I guess the guy likes drawing a cheque.


That was cute how Rachel is warm up to House I liked how she went in his lap and went to sleep. I liked how we are seein the soft side of house. Chase is dumb he should have diffrent password then Password anyways he should have press charges on That girl she hacked into his account she used his card for 2500.


I agree on the comment of the $2500 theft the writers just ignored. I liked the House and Rachel much! And Chase storyline and Amber Tamblyn's take on it and that the father son conflict was right up her alley -- including her being the House "Lackey" who got the info that made the diagnosis. I liked this Cuddy-House a lot more than whether House lies to her about a patient!


"There's no way rationalize a little girl crawling into your lap. You've just gotta go with it and appreciate the position you are in." Out of context that just sounds creepy. On a more serious note, it was funny and I like Rachel, but the girl who pranked Chase is a self-righteous bitch. Steal $2500 and hack his account because he didn't want anything serious that day? Please, he should have called the cops to have her arrested.

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