Major Glee Spoilers: Justin Bieber! Gwyneth Paltrow! Kristen Chenoweth!

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Warning: major Glee spoilers and casting news ahead! Do not be operating heavy machinery while reading this...

Producers have revealed a number juicy casting and music nuggets for the episodes ahead, giving fans plenty to buzz about until the show's return on February 6. To wit:

  • Tentatively scheduled for February 15, the show will dedicate an entire episode to Justin Bieber. According to TV Line, the singer himself is not currently set to appear (although Ryan Murphy offered him a spot months ago), but the cast will cover a number of the teen icon's songs.
  • Kristin Chenoweth will return as April Rhodes. Look for her to appear in a number of installments toward the end of the season.
  • Gwyneth Paltrow will definitely reprise the role of Holly Holiday for two episodes this winter, and she'll also definitely be dating Will.

"She’s coming back as a sex education teacher," Murphy tells EW. "We’re trying to do something fantastic. So she’ll be  [in episodes] 15 and 16. She comes back [to film] in January and she’s with us for three and a half weeks I think.”

April Rhodes
Special Glee Guest Star

April? Holly? Bieber?!? Sounds like a lot to discuss on our Glee forum!

UPDATE: Murphy has released a statement that reads: "Glee is NOT doing a Justin Bieber tribute episode. We are not doing any more of those this season. Those are reserved for artists with a big catalogue, ala Madonna and Britney, etc."

However, Sam WILL be singing a Bieber song in order to impress Quinn on episode 13.

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hahah yeah bummer. the paltrow episode was awesome. im not a fan of rihanna but i dug what they did with that song at the end. but yeah... im not a beiber fan. im too old. sad to say if its an episode i would be one of those ones i dont enjoy while i fast forward the dvr thru every single song. not only am i not a fan of his music, i wont know any of the words... haha lame.


It has been confirmed by Ran Murphy that they're NOT doing a whole episode dedicated to Jusin Bieber, but the are doing two or so of his songs. According to spoilers, Sam sings Baby to Quinn to try to win her back (pft, like that's gonna work) and also, I think Blaine sings one.


stop complainig.
he didn't write his song, and the glee cast will make them better, and there prob. not doing all jb all episode. YAY! KRISTEN CHENOWETH!! IM HAPPY:) now Idina NEEDS to come back!! I like Gwyneth in her first, she was pretty awesome!


Bieber?!!!! Hell to the NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! to perform a song is something, NOT A GOOD SOMETHING, but an entire episode, NOOOOO!!!!!! That’s the stupidest idea ever, Michael Jackson is now crying in his grave because of this news, when he hears they are doing an entire episode of Biever but they only will perform ONE of Michael Jackson songs. Really!? They could do an entire season of MJ!! But I guess is not cheap to get the rights to his music catalogue…wait a minute…is freaking Fox for God sake, they do have the money!!!!!!! Don’t be cheap and give Michael Jackson an entire tribute episode!!!! That would be television history!!!


Oh my god! Bieber???!!! Are they serious? I HATE him! He is so annoying along with his songs. URGH!!! It's already too much having to put up with Sam being a Beiber look alike now I have to put up with them singing his songs too! HOW RIDICULOUS!!! On a different note, totally excited about Gwenyth Paltrow coming back. And she's gonna be dating Will, even better!


oh god, beiber? please no. there are many good songs you could sing insted of that!
holly holiday was a laugh, i love her!
april rhodes is always good too
although, i would like to see more of emma and will together


Thank the heavens they aren't doing a Justin Beiber tribute. I personally felt the Britney Spears one was far stretched and unnecessary. Tributes should be reserved for artist who are legends in their own right. Sorry Beiber, but you ain't it. Holly Holiday should be amusing and April Rhodes is always fun.


More Holly Holiday (love that name). And Will will be dating her? That means kissing Gwyneth Paltrow - I definitely made a bad career decision 25 years ago. Plus one on more hate for the Bieber. He's a punk.


no justin bieber episode or covering his songs i strongly dislike HIM:(


I seriously had a mini-panic attack when I read the words "glee justin bieber tribute episode"--WHY GLEE WHY!!!????--But then I let out a rather loud sigh of relief that this will not happen. Geez, I was scared for a second there! Haha!

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