Major Office Scoop: When Will Michael Depart?

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We know when Michael Scott will exit The Office.

Before we get to that scoop, however, we can deliver the following news regarding what Michael will be up to while still the branch manager: on February 17, he'll host a screening of Threat Level Midnight.

Coming to town for the movie whose screenplay Michael's co-workers discovered on season two will be Jan, Karen, Roy and David Wallace, all of whom will play a role in the action/thriller. We're both confused and excited.

Michael S.

As for details on Steve Carell's departure from the series, Alan Sepinwall spoke to producer Paul Lieberstein at The Television Critic's Association press tour and has revealed the following:

  • Michael will say goodbye with four episodes remaining this season. The final few weeks will be dedicated to finding his replacement.
  • Internal candidates have been narrowed down to Andy, Dwight and Darryl.
  • Whether the job is filled by one of these three (we vote for Darryl!) or an newcomer, the show will turn into a true ensemble next season. The new boss won't instantly be the new, main star.
  • Two cast members will be added after this season.

What do you think of these plans? Ponder away and, as always, visit our section of The Office quotes from the latest one-liners

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if you can't bear the idea of The Office without Michael Scott, you have no comedic blood in your body. Steve Carell will be missed but, with the cast and writing they have, the show will prove as good without him.


I was sure they were setting up Pam to become the new boss with the office administrator bit. Oh well.


Ohh my gosh the office wouldnt actually be the same without michael !!! He is like soooooo funny, the stuff that comes oout of his mouth is actually hillarious !!! :( So sad that he is leaving :((((((


I vote for Darryl too.


Gosh, I really wish that he wasn't leaving :( it breaks my heart. Honestly, this show CANNOT go on without him! I hope they end it after this season, because I want it to end while it was still good, rather than boring and irrelevant.


Why not just shut the show down when he leaves. It ran out of storyline a long time ago. There have been a few talented actors on the show and they will find other work and will open up time for something worh watching.

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