NCIS Team to Revisit Past Cases, Demons

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Blasts from the past will be dredged up on the February 8 episode of NCIS.

The clip-heavy 14th episode of the season revolves around the stressed out agents being forced into therapy with a clinical psychologist to try to lessen their angst.

During their individual sessions, Gibbs and his subordinates back to some of their most emotionally taxing cases. Atop the list, obviously, will be Kate Todd's death.

Sasha A.

The demise of Sasha Alexander's character remains one of the show's most shocking story lines in seven-plus seasons. Heck, the re-run on USA is still shocking.

We don't THINK this is the same episode that features DiNozzo-centric flashbacks.

This one will feature old clips, including some of Kate, rather than new scenes set in the past, like we saw in last fall's terrific Vance-Eli David double episode.

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I wonder whatever happen to Gera Jackson


I see what you're saying and I agree, I also love Abby she is the other best character on the show.


That because Ziva a terrisot


Well thats ture 2 Renee I agree with you they get a new character they make them more bad a*s. I don`t why I just like Ziva better maybe if Kate was on the show longer it may have been diffrent for me. I think that Abby is the best Character of the show. but it just me I don`t want to offene anyone because of who I like.


Okay, I think Kate was the best character on the show, I do like Aiva just not as much as I liked Kate. You say Kate is boring, but that was just the way they made her, of course if there's going to be a replacement they would make her more of a bad ass, but I still Kate was and will always be the Best! ♥


But I did like Kate it`s just she was a little boring. I like it when Ziva fights its cool. And I even like it how Ziva drives even know I would get in a car with someone who drives like her. I just like how a woman can beat bad guys who bigger then her thats why I like Team Ziva and when she plays jokes on Tony I like that 2. Kate did get Tony but nnot like Iva does. so agree to disagree about Ziva if we agreed on everything life would be boring.


whatever think what u want. I know Ziva or Jenny didn`t help kill kate. I like Ziva better. Kate is boring. Ziva is cool I just wouldn`t get in a car with her. Team Ziva


How do you think Ziva knew of the phone call because Ziva and Jenny were in on what Ari was doing


Thank You lexie thats what I was trying to say Ziva thoget Ari was innocent until Ari told her he did kill Kate. and Jenny didn`t help kill Kate either.


Tell me how ziva helped killed kate? Ziva herself did not even believe that her own half brother killed kate. It was only after Ari said that he killed kate himself did she believe. I honestly can't say I really liked Kate because she was only on for two seasons. Because Sasha Alexander left the show and it was her choice. But I can say that I really like Ziva. I really got to know her for the past 5 seasons she's been on the show.

NCIS Quotes

McGee: All right. Well you should probably know that Abby and I used to date?
Bishop: Ew. Like, each other?
McGee: Yeah.
Bishop: Wait - isn't that a violation of rule 12, never date a....
McGee: It was a long time ago. After we'd broken up, one night I went to her lab. Found a scribbled piece paper; a list. Potential boyfriends had to fulfill certain conditions by a pre-arranged date or else, goodbye.
Bishop: Such as.
McGee: Things started off relatively normal: opening the door for her, flowers, putting the seat down. Then around number 8, it gets uh...
Bishop: What?
McGee: Does she know you have these?
Bishop: Does she know you have these?
McGee: Yeah she wasn't happy when she found out.
Bishop: These are all very specific.
McGee: Yeah.
Bishop: These ideas apply to you?
McGee: No those rules weren't in place when we were together. At least I don't think so.
Bishop: What's with the two month cutoff? Abby's sabotaging herself. I've seen stuff like this before. We have to talk to her.

McGee: You know something I don't? Working tonight and tomorrow night?
Tony: No, Tim. It's just that Zoe's parents are in town and they want to have dinner. I'm not ready for that.
Abby: So you deceived her.
Tony: I was put on the spot. I was not prepared.
McGee: Whoa. Hey. What are you afraid of?
Tony: I don't know.
Abby: They're probably really nice.
Tony: I'm sure they are. I've just never had dinner with the parents of a woman I'm seriously involved with.
McGee: That's not true. What about Jon Benois?
Tony: No, technically that wasn't me because I was undercover as Tony DiNardo, professor of film studies. I wasn't myself back then. Meeting the parents for dinner could trigger a whole chain of events.
Abby: It's just dinner, Tony.
Tony: You have dinner yet with Ranger Burt's parents? I didn't think so. Then put down the gavel, take off the robe and stop judging, both of you.
Abby: Okay.