Nikita Review: A Free Woman

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We can all breathe a sigh of relief, as Nikita returned this week with a bang (a good bang, not the sort of bangs Nikita causes).

While "Free" revolved around Nikita deactivating the chip and the tracking device, I have immense respect for Alex sticking it out in order to get revenge for her family’s murder.

Taking a Hostage

The episode started out with a jolt, as Thom appeared in Alex’s dream asking "is this the life you really want, Alex?" I guess he was right when he told her she’d see him everyday.

Alex looked like the little girl she was in her flashbacks when Michael took her to her new apartment. Who wouldn’t want a brand new car, fully stocked closet and a hot neighbor? Alex decided to stock her fridge with marshmallow fluff, and hopefully she learns how to buy real food, as she decided to stick it out instead of taking the escape Nikita offered her.

Speaking of the hot neighbor, Nathan seems a bit sketchy to me. Either that building is Division agent central, or Nathan is a part of Amanda or Division’s plan for Alex. I’d like to hope Alex does let loose and find a friend in Nathan, but it’s just too shady. I’m so glad Alex did not take Amanda up on her offer to talk about Nathan. Remember how that turned out for Nikita?

Couple Alert: Nikita and Fletcher are heating up! If we cant have Mikita, I’ll take Flikita (or Nikitcher). They have cute chemistry, though I much prefer her with Owen. Here’s hoping Fletcher doesn’t get in any further trouble with his boss for detaining Birkhoff.

A few other notes:

  • Nikita made it look like Alex is always home according to her tracking device. What happens when she goes on a mission (or gets abducted), and they know she isn’t at her apartment, yet her device says she is? Either she’ll get killed for rerouting her chip, or she’ll wish her chip was correct so she can be saved.
  • I hope we find out what happened to Alex’s father, as the flashbacks got me invested in her story as a young child. From Alex’s nightmares, we all know things end with a fire, but it seemed like her father knew he would be killed or taken. I hope they don’t leave this story open too long.

What did you think, TV Fanatics? Did Alex make the right choice in staying to get revenge for her family? Do you trust Nathan? Are you on board team Flikita? Sound off below!


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It was actually an okay-episode for me. Though I love the part where Michael came to rescue Birkhoff. With the whole kicking down the door thing. Now that was hott. (*trying to imagine that he'd do the same thing in some pent up emotion involving Nikita*) Haha. As for Nathan, I think we have to see a few more episodes. He does seem shady though. And, Flikita? Seriously?! NOOO. The guy gives me the creeps for some reason. No offense. I felt weirded out when she kissed him. I read somewhere that there are gonna be more flashbacks on Michael and Nikita's history from now on. Hope they put some love into that. They should really get together soon! Team Mikita all the way! Hahaha. :D


I think Nathan has something to do with Amanda. I think that Amanda like Michael, both suspect something about Alex. But I also think that Michael deep down knows that Alex and Nikita are working together.
We need more Michael and Nikita scenes!!!!!!!!!!! I love these two!!!!!!!!!


Come on, I was expecting a longer review of this episode. The audience's full interaction with Birkhoff for the first time in the season. How he can actually fight, how cocky he was in the intergation room but the moment Nikita showed up and uttered the words, 'Hello nerd' he lost it. Michael bursting in, ignoring Fletcher, knocking down the door and looking hot doing it. Then the clincher, the fight - Michael fights the security and Nikita fights the suit CIA agents, both executing their smackdown nicely while still having time to pause and stare at eachother. Serious sexual tension just in 2 second look. Finally seeing Michael combat proved how strong and lethal he is. Michael X Assasin. Nikita's broadcast... leading possibly to some more rogue recruits. I think that could possibly be Jaden, she could pretend to ally with Nikita, but secretly being trying to bring her down so she can get recruited to agent and avenge Thom's death. Of course which she won't be able to do because Nikita is smarter, faster and better. I'm Team Nikita 100% but she needs to fail a mission so the fans can be annoyed for her and hate Division more, so you're left at the edge of your seat instead of always knowing who's going to win.
I would like a situation where Michael has to save Nikita, or Michael captures Nikita. Something with Michael/Division truimph (not that I don't love to see Percy's face when Nikita foils a plan). I want more Michael, he needs more scenes. He's the male candy on the show and the writers are leaving the fans starving. Alexandra is coming up, I am excited to see Alex's past I am but I want Michael more. Possibly Alex will be isolated in that episode so that while she is captured on the homefront the focus is on Michael and Nikita.


I must say that I like this episode but I am hoping that on one episode, Nikita will fail, Alex takes her father advice and listen to herself more than Nikita and Michael step up to Percy. I really am feeling that Michael knows Alex works with Nikita because he took a deep breath before he said Alex was at home.


nikita sayed that she can always change alex's whereabouts so if she goes on a mission nikita will obviously change "home" to somewhere else


Good episode, especially the flashbacks :) Can't wait to see what happened/happens!


don't mind some Flikita for now as long as Mikita gets together soon before the season ends!!


ya give us Michael and Nikita!!!!!Ryan's kinda is Nathan.Where ever Alex goes,he always seems to be there almost waiting to ask her to go out with him.What makes it worse is that Alex doesn't seem too excited when she sees him.


Good thing Alex stayed cause if she didn't it would have defeated the whole purpose of her signing up for it in the first place, which was to get revenge for her family


Cool flashbacks.

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Nikita: She wants you dude, congrats.
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