Pretty Little Liars Round Table: "Careful What U Wish 4"

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Is there any chance one of our Pretty Little Liars is actually A? We consider this possibility in the latest edition of the TV Fanatic Round Table, based on the episode "Careful What U Wish 4."

Is Spencer "A?"
Matt R: I doubt it, but let's run with this possibility. Just imagine the headlines such a reveal would result in, the attention it would garner for the show. Seriously, it might even make sense for one of the girls to be involved with A, right? How else could this stalker know so much?

Steve M: No. Spencer has as much of a chance of being A as I have of hooking up with Serena van der Woodson.

Teresa L: No, but perhaps she is B. I know the TV show is a separate entity from the books, but there are two culprits in those stories. What if the same set-up applies here, but Spencer is actually the one assisting A? She acted awfully strange this week, didn't she?

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Is this really it for Sean and Hanna?
Matt R: For now. But I've got a feeling A will continue to mess with Hanna. This week, Lucas. Next week, Sean again. The week after that: Sean and Lucas? Sorry, I must have Skins on the mind.

Steve M: Yes, but at least Hanna has a couple other men to keep her company: Mike and Ike.

Teresa L: I really hope so. I'd write more, but I've gotta go purchase my Team Lucas sweatshirt.

Should Emily move on from Maya?
Matt R: No way, those two are MFEO!!!

Steve M: There's no reason to make such a major decision one way or the other. I know all relationships feel like life or death in high school, but just giving Maya some space to work on her own issues for now is fine. See where things stand when she returns.

Teresa L: Yes, they are doomed. What possible nickname do these two have as a couple? Eya? Memily? Yech!

Does Pretty Little Liars move too slowly?
Matt R: I didn't think so until I considered this question. Now, I do have to stop and wonder: how much does the series really advance its plot each week?

Steve M: Sometimes, but consider the alternative: I still love Gossip Girl, but that show moves at hyper speed and the result can often be a series of jumbled storylines that aim for twists and turns over well-paced logic.

Teresa L: Yes. The show has done a great job establishing its characters and its core mystery... but something aside from eerie messages from A has to soon become the focus. We clearly won't learn this stalker's identity any time soon, yet every single episode concludes with her latest missive. I'd like to see the writers establish a couple other storylines and place A on the sidelines for a few weeks.


i think these girls are stupid when they're talking about things they shouldnt be talking about around other people. lol


I did not want Hanna and Sean to break up. I definetly do not ship Hanna and Lucas no more after the way he been a jerk and destroy her friend memorial.


I love the pacing of the show, I don't like when shows rush through plot lines


To slow? maybe a little but, let's face it. Once we know who's A, what's gonna happen? It's not a mini-serie, is it?

I heart chuck more

And Aria's mom would have recognized spencer when she went to pick up her coat and gloves


None of the girls is involved with A, that's just what they want us to think but A is definitely someone close to them.
I know they said that the books and the TV series are different but they can't change everything, so having read the books I think Spencer is acting sketchy because she knows more about the night Ali disappeared than she's letting on; that last scene just proves it. I mean did you see her reaction when Hanna asked her if she knew who was following Ali ?

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