Pretty Little Liars Round Table: "Know Your Frenemies"

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There's no way A means well... right?

We can't possibly be on Emily's mom's side... can we?

TV Fanatic staff members tackle these questions and more in the latest edition of the Pretty Little Liars, based on this week's "Know Your Frenemies." We encourage reader feedback on the issues posed below...

So, did Ian kill Alison?
Matt R: No, but he's clearly killing independent Melissa. What does he have on her? Why has she changed so much over the past couple weeks? I like how they've developed this character and relationship.

Steve M: Of course. You did hear the sounds emanating from that video, didn't you?

Teresa L: No way. Expect a twist to come out of this. I say Ian was actually making out with Alison, which makes him a slime ball. But not a killer.

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Is Emily's mother overreacting to Maya?
Matt R: Yes, and then no. Her initial reaction to the simple news that Emily was gay was clearly based on ignorance and homophobia. But give Nia Peeples credit for creating a nuanced character here, one that is clearly just concerned about her daughter's well-being.

Steve M: Not really. Think about this: if Maya was male, and Pam reacted the same exact way, wouldn't you say she was being protecting of her teenage daughter?

Teresa L: Not at all. Didn't anyone see Refer Madness?!? That stuff has the power to brainwash you in ways you can't imagine.

Who would you least want to date: Noel or Sean?
Matt R: I don't mind Noel. At least the guy has ambition, even if he tries to arrive at it via manipulative means. Sean, on the other hand, is simply a douche. Sorry. Can't think of a better word to describe him.

Steve M: Noel. Sean is as pure as a Jonas brother. I respect his values.

Teresa L: Sean. Saint Bernards may be loyal, but they give sloppy kisses.

Might A be on the side of good?
Matt R: Only if it's opposite day! We're still talking about the same individual that ran Hanna over with a car, are we not?

Steve M: Allow me to cop out and simply say: I hope so. It would be a fantastic twist if A, for reasons that are eventually revealed, was actually helping the girls bring Alison's killer to justice. Through rather unusual means, of course.

Teresa L: A is definitely on the dark side. She's Regina George in Mean Girls evil.

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So, did Ian kill Alison?
I don't think so . I think that him and her were probably having sex or some form of that and her energy got the best of her and that's why her hand rested in the ground. I also think Ian didn't kill her in that video because remember in the first episode Spencer said she thought she heard a scream. Alison wasn't screaming on that video. Is Emily's mother overreacting to Maya?
I think she is. True, she has a reason to be mad because well that's a normal mother's reaction to her daughter or son saying they're now gay, however, I don't think she's taking the time to really try and understand her daughter. Which is why I think she's overreacting. Who would you least want to date: Noel or Sean?
Neither. Sean is a jerk for one and Noel may be cute but he doesn't seem like dating material. Might A be on the side of good?
It would look like it, wouldn't it? I don't think A is on the good side I think A is more so trying to help them get to the truth in a weird sort of way . . . I agree with Steve M.


@Melissa Eby Butler I said the exact same thing when watching the episode. With the injuries she had she should have still had that cast.


Where was Lucas in this episode? Pout.
Nuff said.


@ hm.....
wow good prediction , mellissa is definately a suspect, and so is ian but somehow i dont see a reason for him to kill allison i also dont want to believe lucas killed allison..i think just cuz he destroyed her memorial doesnt mean he killed her im still wondering who is sending all these texts. do you think its maya? she is the one who lives in allisons house


How did Hanna get her cast off so quick?


i think it's the opposite way round! you know how melissa said 'oh, we'll never have to worry about that again,' it sounded like she was iunno, blackmailing ian or something


I love Ezra. That's all I have to say.


oh sorry! i didnt read stacy's comment until after i typed mine. sorry about that ^^ i agree with stacy!


maybe melissa murdered alison because she learned of ian and alison's affair. ian figured this out and now is blackmailing melissa to give up wharton and start a family.


@ashley it's not 'gayism', like it's a disease or something. saying it's ok is being open and accepting, saying it's wrong is being homophobic and ignorant.
but i do think emily's mother had a right to be mad. if she had a pot smoking boyfriend nobody would say she was out of line
anyway, i feel SO sorry for toby, poor kid

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