Pretty Little Liars Spoilers: Toby and Spencer?!?

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In our Pretty Little Liars Round Table this week, we consider whether or not the show moves too slowly.

But creator I. Marlene King makes it clear in a new interview with E! News that plenty of major developments are on the horizon, specifically tacking the issue of various couples and their future. Let's dig in, shall we?

Cute and Illegal

Not so in love? King says Aria and Ezra will soon have their first fight: "Ezra and Aria have their first relationship fight, and it has nothing to do with their ages, or the fact that he's a teacher and she's a student. It's just sort of a real relationship stumbling block that they're going to have to overcome."

Sony? Really?!? King says Toby will hook up with a character by episode 19, teasing the chemistry between him and Spencer: "They're really polar opposites [but share] a really soulful connection. You just cannot believe its gonna work and it does. There's a twist to that relationship that is really fascinating and kind of releases Toby from his guilt in the process."

The debut of Caleb: Tyler Blackburn debuts next week as Caleb, "not your typically Rosewood guy in any way," King teases, adding: "He is going to become a love interest of one of the Pretty Little Liars."

King also says Jenna will get a love interest by the end of the season. Speaking of that time frame, any chance we'll learn the identity of A this spring?

"We want to very much hold off on revealing A's identity for as long as possible," King says, but does reveal of the finale: "A big question is answered. But then another huge question is asked right afterward."

That's a lot to digest. Head over to our Pretty Little Liars forum now and start to do so with fellow fans!


Oh spoby I love reading about their old days. They really are opposites, and that's what makes them so good together. Their love is so real!


spencer and toby are finally back together i hope it will stay that forever i can't believe A is mona i thought jenna is A


omg.Aria and Ezra are gonna have a fight!I so dont want them to. I love Aria and Ezra.Aria is so pretty and cool and ezra is the same.They belong toghether even though there is a big age difference.


toby an spencer gosh dey jus so hott 2geher luv em aria n ezra sucks


i love pretty little liARS!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS SOOOOOOO GOOD!


please let caleb stay forever in PLL!!! he is sooo hot!! ilove him! haha.. he and hanna are perfect! i also like spencer and toby they both want to know who A is and ended up together! loveit!!


Spencer an Toby!!!
Also, Caleb and Hanna is PERFECT!!!!


I agree, I find Aria/Ezra to be a verrryyy boring couple. I really don't care about them. I really liked Emily and Maya together and Lucas and Hannah. I love the chemistry between Toby and Spencer! They are hot together!


Well if Toby ends up with Spencer that would make sense as to why she got to be the one to see him crying. But nuuuuu!!! Make Emily straight. Let Toby have the girl he seems to like >.< Me no likie Jenna. IDC what happens to her at thsi point.


Wow! Toby and Spencer never thought of that one! I'm intrigued, they're taking a big step by doing so, I'll be looking forward to it.

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