Shay Mitchell Teases Big Twist Ahead on Pretty Little Liars

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Following the most awkward dinner in Pretty Little Liars history, fans are wondering what will happen next between Emily, her mom and Maya?

Heck, one critic surmised in a certain Round Table discussion that Emily's mother might poison her girlfriend. It's unclear what actually lies ahead, but at this week's Critic's Association press tour, Shay Mitchell teased significant developments.

Shay Mitchell at Press Tour

"There's a big twist. There's a big turn," Mitchell told reporters.

Might this storyline have to do with Lindsey Shaw, who will come aboard as Paige, a member of the swim team?

"You definitely  get to see Emily's competitive side and you haven't see that in awhile. She gets back in the water and Paige brings out a really competitive streak in Emily. It's kind of an added stress if she can even handle anymore. It's a very interesting dynamic they have."

In closing, Mitchell says there's more Emily/Toby interaction to come.

"Their relationship continues... He just really helped Emily, along with Maya. He just made her feel comfortable to be who she was. He is a very important part and he'll be sticking around."

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Hey everyone! I’m so glad I found some fans discussing Pretty Little Liars! I love the show and I’m so lucky that I work with ABC Family so I can talk about PLL all day long! What did you all think about Monday night’s episode? Any thoughts on how Jenna has been treating Toby?


Hey everyone! How crazy has Emily’s storyline been lately? I agree, Toby is adorable, but who knows who she ends up choosing. Did you all see Monday night’s episode? I thought it was one of the best ones yet, and that not just because I work with ABC Family! What do you think about the end of the episode with Ian? He’s definitely a little creepy. Do you think Emily might have put herself in danger by speaking out? If you missed the episode, no worries! Check out our website to catch up. I’m excited to hear what you all think!


It's cool to have a gay character on the show, and I love the character of Emily, but Maya is not my favorite by any means. Maybe the new swimmer chick will be competitive in more ways then one?


Glad that there will be more Toby and Emily interactions because I love their friendship.


Shar, I feel the EXACT same way. Heart these two!


ADORE Toby/Emily so the more I get, the happier I am. I am in no means against lesbian relationships, but I really do feel the connection between E/T. The chemistry between the two actors is palpable.


Yay more Toby/Emily!!! I love them! I hope at some point in the future they're given a real chance.


I don't think Toby/Emily will ever happen again, but I still hate Maya hopefully the new girl will be fun


I want Toby/Emily!


yippee! i dont know if it just me, but i find toby...cute...hehe

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