Southland Spoilers: The Death of Sammy?

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On this week's Southland episode, Sammy was dealt a crushing blow: his wife is pregnant with another man's baby. Ouch.

Might this news result in the death of the detective? That seems to be what TV Guide insinuates in its latest spoiler column, stating that Lydia will soon be at the center of a scandal; viewers will see "a rawer, more intense Sammy" and that a  "major character is going to die this season."

Ominously, it then reports: Two of those teases may be related. Take that tease for what you will...

Sullen Sammy

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THIS JUST IN... IT'S NATE. Really too bad if you ask me, I really liked the team of Sammy and Nate. =(


Makes sense if they kill Nate off, IF Kevin Alejandro has a regular role on True Blood--might just be a conflict for him to continue both shows. That being said, I will miss his character. I hope they don't kill off Sammy, though. As it is, we see little of Sal, nowadays; with Sammy gone, and Lydia with a new partner, we only have two of the original detectives remaining. Same goes if Nate dies,though..


Nate does seem more likely but if it involves some kind of scandal with Lydia then it would seem to involve Det. Clarke.


It seems like Nate is more likely to me.

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