John deals with the aftermath of his kidnapping and things come to a head between Ben and Sammy on the Season 5 finale of Southland.


The LAPD goes on a frantic rescue mission when Lucero and Cooper are kidnapped. Ben grows concerned when Brooke's behavior grows more erratic on Southland.

"The Felix Paradox"

There's chaos in the streets when a gangsters go to war at a drug dealers funeral and Lydia and Ruben stumble over possible police corruption while solving a murder on Southland.


Ben takes one of his relationships to the next level while John desperately tries to save Hicks as he delves into his own past on Southland.

"Bleed Out"

Ben juggles relationships with two women. Sammy and Tammi's altercation is investigated and Lydia is faced with a case concerning the death of a baby on Southland.

"Off Duty"

Sammy becomes a celebrity thanks to a heroic act, Cooper begins to contemplate what his life will be like once he leaves the force, and Lydia bonds with someone she helped put on death row on Southland.

"Under the Big Top"

Ben and Sammy are on the trail of bank robbers playing Robin Hood, while Cooper bonds with his new partner over some bizarre circumstances and Lydia pursues a killer who cooked his victim on Southland.


Tensions continue between Ben and Sammy while Cooper breaks in yet another new partner and Lydia makes contact with an old beau on Southland.


Tensions between Cooper and Steele come to a head while Lydia investigates the murder of a female boxer's husband, and Sherman's friend Mendoza's shooting leads to an unexpected suspect on Southland.

"Hats and Bats"

Southland is back! We kick off Season 5 with John at odds with his new trainee, Lydia struggling with motherhood and Sammy and Sherman at odds.