90210 Review: Annie Goes Feral!

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"It's High Time" covered the sublime and the ridiculous.

Sublime because we got to finally witness stoned-out Ivy having fun; ridiculous because the rest of the episode was exactly that. Not only did Dixon, Liam and Navid drag Teddy to a gay club (called Mandate, no less!), but we discovered that Emily had her own dressing room (!?!); Naomi was rebuffed by a nerd; Adrianna’s reality pilot was described as “The Hills meet the Kardashians”; and Annie appeared to have been broken.

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Maybe Teddy would have been better off without Navid, Liam and Dixon as friends if he’d known they were going to act like fools at a gay club in which he wasn’t even comfortable. 

Mandate looked like a cool spot, but definitely not for a bunch of uptight high school kids. How did they even get in? Teddy may look like the 30-year-old, but what about the others? The exchange between Liam and Teddy rang true enough and it was about as honest an exchange as those two have ever had. Boys night out indeed!

Emily continued her psychotic trampling of Annie’s life. I don’t necessarily care for Annie much. I find her to be whiny, annoying and altogether useless.  But that was before this scrawny SWF came on the scene. Now, all I want is for Annie to serve her a proper beatdown. 

Annie managed to wail on her for a moment, but that got her promptly suspended. Annie looked like the one with the mental issues. Can you blame her (and me) for wanting to pulverize Emily? Making herself out to be Annie’s victim; turning Naomi, Silver and Adrianna against Annie; trashing her own dressing room and getting Annie fired from the playhouse; seducing Liam; getting everyone to side with her and make Annie out to be the loon. 

Emily certainly lived up to her promised Oscar performance.

Navid finally caved into signing the release for Adrianna’s cheesy reality show, but only after Silver offered that as a deterrent to Adrianna finding out about their canoodling. Does it even matter, though? Since when is Adrianna Polly Pureheart? She’s been known to do a few underhanded things in her time. She’s more concerned with fame and fortune than in doing the right thing. Maybe finding out Silver is the “cheating whore” with the funky earrings will serve her right.

Naomi appeared to have gotten her comeuppance at the hands of Max. Who knew a nerd would be the one man who would get Naomi all hot and bothered and ultimately reject her? Having set up a West Bev hot guy calendar shoot in the hopes of scoring brownie points for CU admission, Naomi lost it when one of the lunkheads she hired to model spilled oil all over her computer. 

Fearing she’d lost all her hard work, Max came to the rescue. Thinking a hot kiss would make him go gaga, Naomi was shocked when Max said she wasn’t his type. Yeah, okay. That was as believable as Naomi actually getting into college.

What was believable was seeing Ivy finally cutting loose with a big old bag of weed. Whether it was watching cartoons high as a kite or carousing with her new ganja buddy, Raj, Ivy reached new heights. That can happen when you’re watching 747s zoom over your head. It’s sort of fun to see some kind of personality emerging out of Ivy. Mom may have put the kibosh on her getting her groove on at home, but taking her advice of going to a therapist served Ivy well. Medical marijuana? Clever girl.

Anyone else got the munchies?


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How about how Ian was with Teddy when he found the blackmail letter but later Teddy asked how he knew about it and based on that determined that Ian was the guy who wrote it.


Seriously, this is the second time Annies friends have betrayed her. 1st time was more reasonable: they believed Naomi over her (fair enough they've known her longer - the Silver seemed a bit ungrateful seeing as Annie's the one that got them to be friends again) that led to horrible consequences - but i'm over that .. kinda (atleast they made things right again) NOW however it just taking the mic. Sure she seems friendly but they hardly know her compared to Annie, WHO doesn't lie to them so why WHY can't they consider she's telling the truth? If anything Annie's proved she's a good friend by not dating Liam for Naomi's sake. This is soo irritating Annie's constantly made to look the bitch only to be forgive those that betray her - I say this time she should make them WORK for her forgiveness ... it's just not fair on her.


Teddy- It's always a treat to see something develop for this character because he's gone through a lot this season. I like how he's still in the process of self discovery and at the end, all he wants is to have his friends there. I also like how supportive Silver continues to be. Naomi & Max - I love this storyline because it puts Naomi in a totally different light. I like how she was resisting the urge to have feelings for him and then eventually kissed him. Best part of this story though was when he said he wasn't her type and all she could say was that she was everyone's type. Ivy - It was an interesting beginning to this story arc. I like how different Ivy's character is and I think that's why I'm intrigued by the rest of the developments. Especially now that she's reportedly getting married. Annie, Liam, & Emily - I think I've gotten over how annoying and manipulative Emily is but I still felt bad for Annie. For me, the worst part was the one regarding the dressing room cause I think that's bordering on psychotic. I still think Annie should've taken the high road and gone all "Blair Waldorf Scheming" on Emily's ass but maybe we'll eventually see that. I'm assuming that now Liam knows that Annie's claims are actually true. Silver & Adrianna - As usual, Adrianna is still so full of herself with regards to her reality show but I can't help but feel bad for the girl that her best friend was the "Other Girl". I don't agree with Silver and Navid's indiscretions and I think it was worse that Adrianna found out that way. I get that Adrianna's feeling betrayed, hurt, etc but I still don't agree with the news that she'll be messing with Silver's bipolar medication.


I'm actually really enjoying the Naomi/Max storyline - besides the fact Josh Zuckerman is really cute, it's good to see Naomi going after a decent guy for once.
And seriously, are they singling Annie out AGAIN as the victim of a psycho who wants to isolate her from her friends and destroy her life? Cut this girl some slack. I really hate Emily's character - she's just whiny Annie 2.0.


What is that song they play in the gayclub "mandate", i really love it! Anyone know who sings it? I´d really appreciate an answer!
The epsiode was ok.


Emily is awesome! Abbie Cobbs should have been as as Annie. It's too bad the writers are just setting her up for a fall and exit. The plots are getting worse. Loved Ivy though.


I love Ivy!!!!!!! she is the best!!!! what is up with emily she is phsyco. i want them to show more of annie and liam. I love them!!!!!!!


I really enjoyed this episode. Emily I s such a bitch but I love her. Aid gets on my nerves the way she speaks its beyond irritating! "The next Lauren Conrad"? Yeah right. The nerdy boy is cute but I felt really sorry for Naomi when he rejected her. I hope they date. Oh and did anyone else notice Naomi's new teeth? Its huge!


Another question is what happened to the round table discussions?? They didn't do them last week or this week! I liked those, they were funny and mean!


@Aries93 I totally agree with everything you said especially about kicking Emily in the face! (literally I was txting people who watch the show that I wanted to kick her in the face) and I never even noticed that the boys only hung out with the boys and the girls only hung out with the girls (except ivy)
@argy and @karol89 about the whole Oscar thing, he used to live with Ivy and her mom but then they kicked him out cause of what he did (obviously) and the only reason he was there was because he wanted to ruin Ivy's mom's reputation. Then he like Naomi so I think he was going to stay go her but she said she didn't want to be with him because of what he did to Ivy so he left. The real question on my mind is WHAT HAPPENED TO JASPER? He gets beaten up by Liam at the end of season 2 and then what?? And WHERE IS RYAN'S BABY?? I haven't seen him in like the longest time!! Did they put him up for adoption or something??

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