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Guys, where the hell is OSCAR ????????? If he has left the series with no explanation, i would be really harsh with 90210!!! Guess,we'll have to wait and see.. He doesn't stick with the rest of the group though, so the best thing for 90210 writers to do, is get him back for 1 episode, and explain that he is about to leave BEVERLY hills, and so we'll get rid of him, for good.....


watching naomi, i was suddenly hit by another thought. what happened to that exchange-student who sleept with both ivy and her mom? wasn't their a thing between him and naomi?

anyine recall what happened?


I loved this episode finally everybody got screen time cause with 90210 they probably cover only like 4 people storylines a episode so this was good and Aries93 they all go on springbreak toghther boy and girls


I must say that I really enjoyed this episode.

I couldn't agree more with the reviewer. Emily needs a beat down. I was yelling for Annie to kick her face in. Emily has gone too far. She trashed her dressing room, manipulated her friends, and has tried to steal Liam. I hope Annie knocks her down. And when she does, she best not feel bad for hurting her. Otherwise I will hate Annie.

As for the guys, I don't know why they're all being so awkward around Teddy. If my friend were to come out, I certainly wouldn't take him to a gay club or shun him from events. Like Teddy said: "I'm still the same person". He is right about that. He is still the same person.

As for Adrianna, I've actually had enough. She has not changed at all. She's just selfish and stupid and she is arghhh! I hope she gets hit with a big ol' brick to the face. I must admit I feel sorry for the part about Navid cheating, but I don't blame him at all.

Speaking of Adrianna and the other girls (Silver and Naomi), am I the only one who spotted the hypocrisy among them? Adrianna, Silver and Naomi seriously annoyed me on how they were believing Emily. After the things Adrianna pulled this season, I don't think she can have an opinion. Among Silver who stole her best friends boyfriend. Naomi I am disappointed in due to her jumping conclusions that Annie is wrong (again for the 250th time).

Overall, it was a great episode, and I am glad that majority of the cast (excluding Ryan and Debbie) got enough screen time. I'm finding it annoying though that the teens are all friends and don't associate with one another. It's just the boys with boys and girls with girls (with the exception of Ivy who rotates between them). I would like to seem group activity. :)

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