A.J. Cook: Returning to Criminal Minds!

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A.J. Cook is back at the BAU, if only for a week.

According to TV Line, the actress whose exit such enormous viewer backlash this fall will reprise her role as Jennifer “J.J.” Jareau for one episode this spring.

It’s unclear what prompts her return, when exactly her episode airs or whether she may return for more than just that week, but she's due on set this week.

A.J. as J.J.

A.J. Cook is headed back where many feel she never should've left.

J.J. bid farewell in the second episode of the current season to take a job at the Pentagon. The character seemed as reluctant to do so as millions of fans were to see her go.

When news broke that Cook’s contract was not being picked up by CBS, fans mounted a huge online campaign demanding the network save Cook and Paget Brewster.

Might J.J.’s comeback be tied in some way to the looming exit of Brewster's character? It's been speculated at length that Minds may kill off Prentiss later this spring.

CBS recently defended its casting moves, including the hiring of Rachel Nichols shortly after Cook's exit, maintaining that Brewster's future with the show is up to her.

Share your thoughts and theories on Cook's return below!

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JJ WAS SO BORING!! The show is so much better without her. I hated watching the episodes that she was in. I read an article that indicates she may be coming back for season 7? NO, keep her away she is as nonessential as Seaver. Look at what she did compared to what Seaver does, exactly the same; nothing. Much like Seaver, JJ would always have to ask for insight on things because she did not know what was going on, they had to school her on everything. I asked some fans of the show who have been wathcing from the beginning do they miss the JJ character and they said, "whose that?" That says alot. At least the Seaver character knows what is going on NOW, and can particpate fully. You cannot say the same for JJ. KEEP HER AWAY PLEASE!!!


This is so stupid moves like this is why people don't stay interested in TV series the big dogs screw it up bring jjback she's the best


thank god im not the only one that misses JJ and Prentiss without them they have nothing that seaver chick has nothing they are stupid to leave the 2 best people on that show.


seriously jj never should have left! she was on the show from thevery beginning and prentiss she is okay but jj was the best o\n that show seriously!!!! gosh why would cbs not sign the conteact!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i really hope she is back for good i mean the new girl is okay but criminal minds isnt criminal minds with out JJ AND Prentiss!! gotta have atleast one of them and if u let someone go dont make Garcia, shemar moore or hotch leaveif someones leave make it joe sorry joe but jj rox


seriously jj never should have left! she was on the show from thevery beginning and prentiss she is okay but jj was the best o\n that show seriously!!!! gosh why would cbs not sign the conteact!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i really hope she is back for good i mean the new girl is okay but criminal minds isnt criminal minds with out JJ AND Prentiss!! gotta have atleast one of them


JJ was there 1 min gone the next Seaver has just arrived here in the UK & is not going to fit the team. Bring JJ back pronto!!


This comment is for blu: STFU Seriously!!! How da hell do u know half of da viewers didnt pay attention to JJ. R u da fuckn director or producer of da show No I dont think so. Quit talkn and thinkn u know whats goin on cuz clearly u dont. Ok fine u didnt notice JJ but apparently the many people who r pissed about her leaving cared and paid enough attention to her to be upset. Quit trying to make peoples feelings irrelevant because ur ok with them leaving. I personally love AJ Cook and Paget Brewster and I disagree with all my heart about JJ not being memorable. Her part on the team and in the show gave the show a warmth and sense of remorse for thefamily and friends who suffered loss. Her role AS the liasion had a sense of compassion and care for not only the part played but the audience who watched. She is and forever will be an important factor of the show and sorry but CBS will lose viewers and money because JJ and emily are key people n the show whether idiots like urself like them or not!!


If it wasnt broke y fix it. CBS doesnt seem to understand they r not only breakn up a set but a family. The teams closeness and relationship is the reason the show is so successful. Its like taking Tia from Tamara off of sister sister. U cant just have one sister and take da other off, then u would just have sister. Who would watch that? The new girl just DOESNT BELONG She doesnt fit shes a crapy actress and shes trying extremely to hard to be serious. Seriously come to your senses bring JJ back for good and leave prentiss and the rest of the team alone. Whoever is making all the decisions for this network is REALLY beginning to piss me off!! As much as I love criminal minds. I would prefer the whole show b cancelled as opposed to gettn rid of the original characters. So if u take 1 or 2 take them all because its just not fair smart or right to break up a family. If its a money thing get rid of 2 and a half men cuz its not many people who r still gona watch.Or get rid of da other lame shows on CBS!!


Ok, I think it's a GREAT MOVE to bring JJ (AJ Cook) back!!! It's about time...she NEVER should have been taken off the show! Now the preview of the latest episodes says it's Prentiss' final episode?? WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE POWERS THAT BE IN CHARGE OF THIS SHOW??? SERIOUSLY??? Sorry, I don't buy CBS Entertainment President Nina Tassler's explanation about "creative" changes! You get creative with the cast of a show that's not a huge hit...not one that is! You want to be creative with a show that's not doing well to see if there's any way to save or salvage it! Criminal Minds is so popular, there's NO REASON TO FIX WHAT'S NOT BROKEN AND WHAT MAKES THE SHOW A HUGE HIT TO BEGIN WITH...AND THAT IS THE CHEMISTRY WITH THE CAST! Broken down, this is what the Criminal Minds BAU team is:
HOTCH = The team leader with the insight.
ROSSI = The wise member with the years of experience contribute.
MORGAN = The courageous and physical strength of the team. The one who you know you can count on to do what he has to to keep you safe!
REID = The intelligent and analytical one.
PRENTISS = The worldly one, who brings her international expertise and bravery to the team. The tough female agent.
JJ = The heart of the team, who is and will always be the agent reminds the team of the victims perspective.
GARCIA = The techie and backbone of the team who supports the team to get the job done! Sorry, but Seaver is just a pretty face. No emotion, no connection to the audience...her character is forgettable. The powers that be at CM need to stop messing with something that's already a success! If the backlash from JJ's departure didn't show them that their move was wrong already, removing Prentiss' character and leaving Seaver on board will definitely end up costing the show...in fan base and popularity. Extremely foolish move and whoever thought of them should be the one sent packing!



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