Alex Kingston to Guest Star on Private Practice

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Former ER star Alex Kingston is coming to Private Practice.

The actress has landed the multi-episode role of Marla, a shrink who will help out one of our favorites work through a personal ordeal. Since we're talking about the Private Practice cast (anybody could use a psychiatrist among that bunch), that could be anyone!

She'll be coming on board soon, according to TV Line.

Kingston, A.

Since her ER days, Kingston has had recurring arcs on Law & Order: SVU and FlashForward. This spring, she will also continue her role as Doctor Who‘s River Song.

Who do you think is seeing a psychiatrist on Private Practice? Do you predict any personal developments for this character on top of her professional duties? Discuss!

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i could be to help violet... we know that katie will come back... Any caracters could use her help knowing all the things that happened to them or their friends... possibly a love interest for sheldon??


From what I can understand, The articles say that she is working alongside Violet not with her. ie the two of them working with other people.


@Aries93: Because JoBeth Williams is not listed as a guest star for the episodes where Grant Show and Stephen Collins are.
That, and the sides about a funeral in which Addison is bequeathed someone's "clothes and jewelery", the "ex-husband" the residential house, and Archer a trust fund.
Think Susan would be able to give them all that?


I'd expect her to be the therapist of Charlotte but I just read an article that said she'll be counseling Violet. For what reason, I don't know. However, another article said that she would be for Charlotte. Guess we'll just have to wait and see!


Why are you under the impression that Bizzy will die?
The family could be going back to Connecticut for Susan's funeral. I mean, Susan does come from there too, and she's been with Addison's family for well over 30 years.
So The Captain and Archer, will want to show their respects for Susan, and to Bizzy by attending.


Oh come on. Like it's not painfully obvious to guess. Bizzy dies and Addie goes back to Conneticut (joined by her father and brother) and of course she'll then need a psychiatrist. Bleh.
I'm still hanging onto the vain hope that I'm wrong on this though. I don't want Bizzy to die - shes Addie's mother, for God's sake! It will break Addie.


I don't think it'll be Charlotte. It seems to obvious.
I think Addison. Possibly the death of Susan and what it's done to her family.
Might be Amelia. Giving her a storyline... Hopefully...


I liked her on ER I will be happy to see her on Private Practice

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