Big Love Review: "Til Death Do Us Part"

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Wow! What a crazy episode.

With only so many more installments left before this show comes to a final close, I knew we'd be in for a ride, but I wasn't expecting such a wild one in "Til Death Do Us Part."

Was I the only one that didn't catch Heather's involvement in the implementation of the investigation against Bill until the end of the hour? Who was that man that Heather was talking to? Her father? 

Jeanne Tripplehorn as Barb

Now that the police have taken Barb in for questioning, what do you think she will say? The final scenes before the police came showed us that she wasn't exactly thrilled to find out that her sister-wives and Bill were going through with their resealment with out her.

I was shocked to find out that Bill, Nikki, and Margene would go forward in that regard. How could she not feel betrayed? The question that is now at hand would be whether or not she will use this betrayal to seek vengeance on Bill.

You kind of have to feel bad for Barb. Not only did she have to give up her legal rights as Bill's wife, but no one wanted to take her interest into being a priesthood holder seriously. It's pretty clear that as more time goes by, Barb is breaking further away from the family. I wouldn't be surprised when the series ends, so will Barb's marriage to them all.

Carolynn and her teacher have taken their relationship to a pretty serious level. She really isn't the brightest crayon in the box, is she? Why would she be so obviously flirt with her teacher at her mother's wedding? Someone was bound to pick up on it - and that someone was Margene. Will Margene tell Nikki or Bill what she saw?

Margene may feel a twisted type of kinship with Carolynn and, instead of doing what is right, I bet she will try to figure out how to fix this morally wrong situation without involving Bill.

Last week, when Rhonda kissed Ben, we were left unsure what would happen next. This week, we found out that these two slept together. Sleeping with Ronda was probably the dumbest thing Ben could do. Like what Nikki previously pointed out, Rhonda is toxic. Only bad things can come out of this situation and I bet Heather will not stick around once she finds out what extracurricular activities Ben was up to when they weren't together.

Lois proved that although she may be losing her mind, she is still as crazy as ever. Frank fell and instead of helping him, she left him there so that they wouldn't be taken away. Once Frank finally got the medical attention he needed, Lois again tried to kill him by stuffing a bunch of pills down his throat. Talk about a love/hate relationship. These two are so out there that it's hard to understand where they are coming from.

Alby showed Bill that he is not messing around. Well, not messing around in going after Bill. He is going in for the kill and wants Bill to pay. Taking Home Plus is just the tip of the iceberg. This showdown is going to be nothing less than epic.


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And now Barb is no longer legal wife so she can be forced to testify against Bill in a court of law.


This weeks episode was very well written and executed brilliantly. Here's my two cents: Nicki was dressed up in modern clothes because she's leaving the compound behind. This season she has new hair and manner of dress. She will be legally married to Bill, and she's turned a blind eye to Cara Lynn. Nicki is as manipulative as ever, and I believe she is going to push Barb (and most likely Marge) out of the marriage. The changes that her character has made is a statement about how the outside world corrupts. I caught that Heather was being used to get information on Bill. The way the scene was staged and the sudden interest the bishop had in the conversation tipped me off. However, Heather wanted to spill the beans. It's why she went to the bishop to begin with. She doesn't agree with polygamy, and I think she subconsciously wants the Hendricksons to get caught. Heather will be hurt that Ben slept with Rhonda; however, when Ben finds out Heather has been chatty about his family secrets, he'll dump her. As for Cara, she is naive, and Marge noticed the interactions between Cara and her teacher because she's the only one who recognized what she was seeing. Nicki was absorbed in her reception, Barb was wrapped up in the shock of seeing the resealing, and the rest of the party wasn't paying attention either. Marge recognized what she was seeing it's kinda the way her and Bill's relationship started. She had been the young girl looking for attention and a way out. And Barb. Barb has been seperating from the family since season 1. She was the one who has grappled the most with what was going on. I knew she and Bill would split when Barb and Tommy had sparks while she worked at the casino. I think Barb will have left her marriages by the end of the season. I also think that the end of the season will not be wrapped up in a pretty bow. It will be gut wrenching to watch the Hendrickson family implode.


Why don't any of the sister wives tell Nicky that her dresses and hair look awful? She looked much better and had more character in her "prairie dress."
So, again Barb takes the fall for something she didn't do...when the cops were watching the tape of Margene going on and on about how Barb kept her from running away from their marriage, you knew she would get nailed for something.
Now that Bill divorced Barb and married Nicky in order to adopt Cara Lynn, will Cara Lynn run off with the teacher making the marriage unnecessary?


Ben isn't a virgin. I can't remember the season, but he had a girlfriend and they got busy.

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