Bones Review: "The Sin in the Sisterhood"

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After the thrill ride that was "The Bullet in the Brain" last week, this episode of Bones couldn't help but feel like a letdown, while also providing perfect counterbalance.

At its core, Bones remains a quirky, fun show with engaging characters, witty banter and a lot of cool science thrown into surprisingly complex crime investigations.

"The Sin in the Sisterhood" was true to form on all fronts.

B and B

The polygamist angle to the week's murder case opened up plenty of twists - a potato used as a silencer, the victim being poisoned, a secret divorce - and plenty of discussion.

Is it wrong for to take multiple wives if they are all complicit and working together as part of the same happy, family unit? There's an argument to be made that no, it's not.

Of course, this was not a happy family in the end. Three wives with separate issues made for three suspects right off the bat, and more than enough motive to go around.

Especially when we learn that Ed Samuel was being unfaithful - to all three.

The mistress didn’t know Ed had three wives, but worked in lab that used to have radium salt until it was stolen. That poisonous substance later turns up at the Samuels'.

Youngest wife Carol claims responsibility, saying she didn’t want to kill him and just wanted more time with him, which she got when Ed was sick, given her nurse training.

They book Carol on attempted murder, but that doesn't explain the actual murder. The King of the Lab cracked that with clever analysis of bullet trajectories and residue.

The wives' father was fed up with Ed's treatment of his daughters and shot him in a cornfield. He nearly got away with it, but the tell-tale clue was his feeding of turkeys!

Bones' spin on Big Love was well done and kept us invested in the case for the most part. Though if you were considering a polygamist lifestyle, this likely didn't entice you.

Cam was the center in the night's biggest subplot, which was a fun chance of pace. It's hard having a personal life and being successful at what you do. Just ask Brennan.

The shot-caller's stress-relieving, gun-firing antics were amusing and delightfully out of character, and her decision to meet Dr. Paul for dinner at the end was a nice touch.

As far as "Evil Booth" (the sniper), Good Booth's relationship with Hannah, or the unrequited, star-crossed love between himself and Brennan, there wasn't much progress.

This wasn't the worst thing, though, as we said earlier. In fact, a return to normalcy was actually a welcome respite from some of the intense installments we've seen lately.

Booth's comment about being able to love multiple people, but always loving one person most, was probably the only swoon-worthy moment in this mostly lighter episode.

The underlying tension between Booth and Brennan is well-established. She can't pour her heart out 24/7. It's nice to just watch them interact at work, like the olden days.

For example, the conversation in the car, where they rattled off ways to describe the victim was pretty classic. How often do you see Temperance so relaxed and laughing?

Our two favorite Brennan lines from last night:

  1. Remarking matter-of-factly that Cam's mood was the result of "sexual frustration"
  2. Adding, excitedly, that Hannah "enjoys the consumption of alcohol VERY much!"

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I enjoyed this episode and agree with the comment that it was lighter but a nice counterbalance to the past couple of more intense episodes. I liked the scene of B&B laughing when they were in the car. To me it signalled two things - that Brennan's relaxed demeanour is here to stay and the characters' obvious delight in finding their 'old' spark is back and their partnership is still solid. Whatever happens in future episodes these two are finding their way back to each other.


For me the real joy watching Bones is the steady development of Emily Deschanel as a actor with excellent comic timing and dramatic range. The scene in the Prius with Booth was priceless. It seemed so spontaneous, how she catches her line in that laugh and turns the rest of it into a giggling match with David B. Its good to see that after so many seasons, these two veterans still can make that magic. Good work all around for this quality cast. Cam with the gun was also hilarious.


I liked the Brennan-Booth conversation at the end -- and Jennifer's comments/take on it! Sweets has been interrogating suspects/witnesses for a long time, as a natural progression from his profiling, which, I think it was 2 or 3 seasons ago, they said something about his becoming qualified to do that. By the way this season started out, I expected more Daisy than there has been???


I love Bones and hope it will stay on. I do wish her and Booth would get married. I was so disappointed last season. I hope its better this season. They belong together!


I really loved this episode! It was SO good to see Booth & Brennan relaxed & laughing together again. It was just like old times. And their conversation at the end - also like old times - just the 2 of them having a drink (no Hannah) and making subtle reference to their own relationship as they discuss the ramifications of the case. I have also found the first part of this season disappointing, but this episode really came through, imho.

Sue ann

I believe that the father shot the victim in the barn where he keeps the turkeys, not in the cornfield. I thought that it was about as phoned-in as most of the other episodes have been lately, insofar as the actors seem to be playing their characters, not BEING their characters. Perhaps I have less invested in the series than I used to. It appears to me that the actors have less invested. I am still not impressed. I thought it somewhat strange that Sweets went and interrogated that witness/suspect. No one appeared to ask him to do so, and no one appeared to be watching. When did he stop being the FBI psychologist and start taking on agent-type duties? The magic has gone out of this show for me. I am really, really sorry, but I still think the writers have been abusing crack. It is still a mess. They have scene after scene, involving as many regulars as they can reasonably squash into an episode, but the dialogue sounds forced, and the interactions between them do not sparkle. I did like Cam shooting off the gun repeatedly. I have been that angry several times in my life, and finding a violent noisy way to work off the anger is familiar. That was the best thing in the episode, for me. I did not like the scene in the car where she was driving and they were lambasting the deceased with epithets. Like much else, it appeared unnatural and forced. Perhaps it is because the writers want the characters to appear to be trying too hard to be natural. If that is the case, it worked, because they were trying too hard. Considering how many times Bones has chastised her assistants for using insulting or slighting terms regarding the various victims or their manners of death in the past six seasons, I found it totally unbelievable.

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