Castle Review: "The Final Nail"

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Who do you trust?

The latest installment of Castle, “The Final Nail,”  offered up this classic question. The case dealt with the murder of Castle’s former classmate's wife, causing him to be a suspect and forcing Castle to fight for his pal's innocence.

Beckett said that she had met maybe three people in her life who she knows couldn’t be a murder suspect. This got me thinking. No one wants to believe that someone they know could be a murder, but how many people are you positive couldn’t be?

Old Files

Jason Wiles guest-starred and immediately caused flashbacks for me to his character from Beverly Hills, 90210. That was years ago and he still looks exactly the same. Either this guy ages well or he has a great doctor!

Having someone from Castle’s past offered the promise of a great episode, yet somehow I felt a little bored with it. It lacked the funny, which is something I have grown to depend on from the series. It had the usual recipe, but just didn't really live up to expectations.

Still, once again, Nathan Fillion proved why he is such an excellent actor.

We already knew about his comedic timing and heartfelt glances, but the lead went outside his normal routine this week, feeling insecure about what he knew. This man never ceases to amaze me and I often wonder why he isn’t a movie star.

Meanwhile, is there anyone else who thinks that Alexis has started to become one of the most useless characters? Being Castle’s daughter doesn’t give her many possible arcs, but she has seriously been lacking in any story at all. How many lines did she even have in this episode?

Castle has become known for its outlandish cases and great quotes, but there is one thing I love about this show even more. In a few cases, we have been given a two-part episode that pumps up the drama and the stakes. Looking back over the past seasons, these are the episodes I love the most (the 3XK, the arc with Dana Delaney, etc).

With that in mind, tune in next week. Adrian Pasdar will arrive for this season's edition of the special two-parter. I can't wait.


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I Love this show very much the chemistry between kate & castle are great!! All the people in this cast r super!!!


I was at work yesterday at DISH Network, so I got to watch the episode on my Ipad with my TV everywhere. I love that I can still watch my episode anywhere I am at. Castle is my favorite TV. None of the episodes are ever disappointing. Rick and Beckett did well in this episode. It showed the caring sides of both of them. Beckett trying hard to believe that Rick’s friend was innocent just because she believes in Rick. Rick trying to let Beckett do her job because he is trying to believe she is looking at every point of the case. I know if I would have stayed with Comcast I would have had to wait to see the episode. They recently got the TV everywhere, but you have to be at home in order to watch live TV. I am so glad I am with DISH. Castle is one show I can't wait to watch every week. Next week should be even better.


Yes the show was a little long in the teeth but you also have to remember it is about this long time friend who is acused of murdering his wife. Castle has to find out for himself that his old friend is not the murderer so he is going to be a little off his game. We expect every show to be light and airy when life itself is not. Everyone even charaters have bad or off days, anyway, he got through it and it still turned out to be a very good show. I liked it and that counts as much as you do.


Gees . . . you got his last name wrong. He has done at least one movie--Serenity. You can't expect the supporting actors to do heavy lifting every week. Nathan is an amazing actor.


I wouldn't object to having more Alexis or giving her a "centric" episode, but she is really a side character, but I thought it was cool to see her going over notes and discussing the case with him. Sort of a fun little bring work to your daughter day. Martha is also deserving of a "centric" episode. I love how she's, especially lately, been coaxing Rick into realizing his feelings about Kate. The "then you owe her an apology" conversation last night was particularly a great moment for her.

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