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Hey, did you know what over 400 people die per year from alcohol poisoning? And drunk driving is really bad?

If you weren't aware of these facts, Glee made it a mission to drive the points home on "Blame It on the Alcohol." Fortunately, there were enough fun songs and scenes thrown in so that the episode didn't feel too preachy - but I still wish all shows involving teenagers would ban drinking-related storylines forever.

Coach and Will

There's no way for a series to not come across like a Public Service Announcement when the topic is alcohol. This can be especially grating because alcoholism is a serious disease.

It's silly, and almost insulting, to suddenly pretend like Will has such a severe problem that he has to actually give up imbibing simply because he left one drunken message. Moreover, high school students will party and drink and vomit and repeat the process for as long as there is liquor and empty basements. They shouldn't get behind the wheel after doing so and they should be careful sexually and... yada, yada, yada. We've all heard these messages a thousand times before.

I'm not downgrading their importance. I'm just wishing they weren't the central plot of a show I watch for entertainment.

As I said, however, "Blame It on the Alcohol," did couch its PSA-like series of developments in enjoyable outfits (what were Kurt and Rachel wearing to the party?!?) and catchy performances (so nice to see the show go western for a change!). It's hard to take too much of an exception to an episode that gives us Beiste in a cowboy hat.

Just one more complaint, though: no way Finn knows the word "archetypes."

Now, on to the other major storyline of the hour: Blaine, Kurt, Rachel and the drunken kiss heard 'round the world. Or at least within the halls of William McKinley High School. I wasn't really sure what to make of all this.

I was on Kurt's side in his initial argument with Blaine. Yes, a friend should be understanding, but Blaine absolutely billed himself as a confident, out, proud, sure homosexual. Of course it was jarring for Kurt to learn that his role model in this area doubted his sexuality.

But then Kurt got on my nerves when arguing with his father. Didn't Burt say he'd also object to Finn having a girl sleep in his bed? Wasn't he instituting the same rules for both gay and straight? Kurt left the conversation by telling his dad to "educate" himself so Kurt could go to him with problems, just like a straight person would.

What does that even mean? Was Kurt asking his father to read up on various sex acts? And why did Burt ramble on about Brokeback Mountain? It's inappropriate for any 16-year old, male or female, gay or straight, to have a sleepover. Case closed. That's all that happened here. Why did Glee try to make it about something more?

As for Blaine questioning his sexuality, I can't pretend to be an expert in this area. I'll let others debate whether or not a young gay person might really wonder about such a thing following a drunken kiss, only to be assured of the opposite when kissing a girl sober. At least this resulted in a humorous reaction from Rachel.

And at least Gwyneth Paltrow is returning in two weeks! Hooray! Overall, this was a strange episode of Glee, one that clearly tried to send along a pair of messages, but one that got too tangled up in various viewpoints to make either one clear or sensible. What did everyone else think?


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I loved this episode as it made the point about the dangers of drinking without being too preachy It showed the reality of teenage drinking and how they see the adults being hypocrites but as Beastie tried to point out those are legal choices adult can make and illegal if made by underage teens Songs were good as always, not my favorites ,but always entertaining What I did not like was the bullying and offensive thing Sue did by pushing the teacher down the stairs that was way too much for even Sue what she did was criminal and uncomfortable to watch down with Sue and up with Beastie !!!!


I meant "she's DONE it before" *oops*


Don't get me wrong, I love Sue and she's one of my favourite characters, but pushing the other coach down the stairs was stupid. I know we're meant to suspend reality and everything as it's not real but the scene was really uncomfortable to watch. It was dark humour but felt wrong even for Sue, and surely someone saw what she did (I know the guy had swelling on the brain). I mean that was attempted murder, at the very least GBH or ABH, those were concrete stairs and she pushed him down them TWICE (I know she's down it before too so even more disturbing)! I love it when Sue is mean, her one liners are usually the saving grace of the show but for me she went too far this week. I didn't find it funny, instead I found it impossible to like her, and I usually do regardless of the nasty things she does.


I thought it was a pretty good episode.The message got across w/o being too preachy and there were still interesting plots going on. I like Kurt but he bugged me in this episode. His lack of support for Blaine, a character who has been nothing but a pillar of strength and support for him was a bit annoying. In Kurt's defense it is difficult seeing that you're mentor is just as confused and human as you are, but still. After the Jeremiah storyline they opened the door to Blaine being more vulnerable and more human...just as self conscious as anyone Kurt has to go with that. Especially if they're heading in the direction of romance. In order for that to ever happen Blaine has to move from mentor to friend to love interest...he's already moved to friend so Kurt should be pleased with this progression. I also didn't like how Kurt was with his father. What I love about Burt is he's the all American, blue collar, guy's guy who is actually accepting and supportive of his gay son! I love seeing that and he'll do anything for Kurt and he tries to understand as much as he can so for Kurt to go off on him for making a reasonable statement was ridiculous. Kurt already expressed being interested in Blaine so his father had reason to be concerned that the two had shared a bed together! Loved the whole Finn pointing out the drunk stereotypes. Very good. I also kinda wished that they'd have stretched the Blaine sexual confusion thing a little bit seemed a bit too rushed.


they really glorified high school drinking... However, drinking under 21 is illegal! they failed to show consequences for the high schoolers drinking in school!!!! Schuste not only covered for them but then said he will sober up. Hello, he's an adult, not a high school student! I thought the episode was terrible! Furthermore, I adore Sue's humor but enough with the bullying! You can't walk through the hallways and push kids around!


I think i would have felt better if Kurt appologized to Blain for acting out like he did at him. Kurt used to be nice and sweet just trying to figure out who he was. I dont like his charector right now at all. Both his dad and Blain stood up to him but he diddnt get it. He hasnt been forced to come off his high horse. I was looking forward to a little humble Kur pie and I never got it. :( sad. It would be cool if they restored his charector back to a nice guy who's mabey more confident before but also a good friend and honest thoughtful guy like before.


The drunken-ness was amusing, but the episode overall was just kinda meh. Bummer about Rachel and Blaine - they would be a good couple. Even if they wouldn't ever end up together it was disappointing that their storyline ended so quickly. Rachel's strategy wasn't exactly that great though - of course Blaine won't feel chemistry if she just runs up and kisses him with no ado! And while I wouldn't have initially agreed with the earlier review that called Kurt a "fun-sucker"...after this episode, I agree. He was downright nasty with Rachel when she went after Blaine (a natural reaction, I suppose, but no excuse) and he simply cannot be pleased when it comes to his father - Burt tries so hard (hello, he was trying to make a souffle!) and it's never enough for Kurt. Shades of this also trickled over into Kurt's argument with Blaine, in which Kurt was once again inexcusably downright nasty. He doesn't deserve someone like Blaine if Kurt is going to have that short of a fuse. Not that Kurt hasn't had his good moments (performances such as Le Jazz Hot, etc) but most of the time he is just playing the pouty victim and it gets old really fast. (This is, of course, no knock on Chris Colfer, only the character of Kurt.)


I don't have an opinion one way or another on the "preachiness" of the episode. I have three teenagers myself and I coach a high school sports team. I understand that even with the best parenting and advice some of them are going to choose to engage in activities that are not correct. What do I want to be a parent who lives in denial and a tower of high, oblivious morality OR do I want to approach my kids in a straightfoward honest way that lets them know and understand my position while giving them the support they need to be as safe as possible in their lives so they can hopefully grow up and into people who can make better decisions and choices? For me what Will did was not only smart but also very clever. When doe sit EVER work to say don't do it because I said so, especially with teens? He put the ball in their court, asked them to take responsibility, and gave them an out if they needed it if they slipped and made a mistake - all way modeling the desired behavior himself (even remaining realistice by saying it probably wasn't possible but he was going to try). He gained their respect and trust because he was honest and talked to them without being preachy or condesending. All of my players sign a similar contract at the start of each season. They know my expectation and the consequences of not meeting those expectations, but they also know that I am on their side if they need me. The reality teens drink and make aawful, scary drunks. The reality I want to be the person they can turn to NOT the reason they are drinking. Suicides the next morning while hung over is a much better punishment then being dead. I liked this moment with Will and for the first time I felt like he really was teaching and connect with these guys in a very real, honest way. I also liked that 1) all the Glee club members drink and not all of them are popular or well liked, disproving the myth that drinking makes you cool or "in" 2) that Kurt and Finn were both sober and choosing not to drink (for their own reasons, both of which were legitimate) and they still had fun, still were a part of the group, and also were able to showcase how absolutely STUPID the other drunk kids were and looked. I was watching with my 12 year old and she pointed out how shameful they looked and behaved and Finn would have that over them. I thought it was insightful and obvious that she was getting it. 3) showing Will drunk and stupid was also another strong point for me because it was a good message to the parents/adults that even when you are legal and responsible it doesn't make you a good drunk. He was just as shameful and out of control as a teenager and he paid a price for that. Again this made the moral "high road" that adults often go down (I am an adult, it is legal, etc., etc.) seem hypocritical and prove a point that many teens make. I have a 19 year old daughter who chooses not to drink and she often points out how hypocritical adults are in their "preaching", while being sloopy drunks on the weekends modeling typical hypocritical poor behavior. This drove that home. Finally I liked that each of them came away with different feelings about drinking in the end, that is so realistic. Not all of the teens are going to "get it" and stop drinking, some are, some will cut back but what we really, really want is for them to do it in a way that is safe and offers the least amount of danger for them and for everyone else. Episode was fair at best, but the messages were spot on. Dear god if people think this is preachy then we are definitely heading to major chaos in this world - plus I would say about 80% of our population needs someone to "preach" the truth to them about a lot of things in life, so I won't complain!


G. P. is returning? Yey! LOL I found amazing the drunk call. Especial cuz I've made couple of those, of course not to the guy I like, nor to a married guy but still, it was funny. And you could see Emma liked it!


"Don't you want me" was soooooo good!

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