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With Rachel's dads away and with Rachel wanting inspiration for song writing, she threw a party and got wasted this week. So did everyone else in the group, as they remained hung over on Monday, when they had to perform during Alcohol Awareness Week.

Some Bloody Marys didn't exactly help, as Brittany actually threw up on stage, causing everyone else to do the same. But Figgins rewarded New Directions afterward because the performance scared other students straight.


- Will got drunk with Beiste and left a drunken message for Emma. Or so he thought. He actually called Sue, who played the voicemail for the school. Awkward!

- Blaine also kissed Rachel while drunk, and actually thought he might be bisexual. This upset Kurt because Blaine was his out and proud gay role model. A sober kiss between Rachel and Blaine had to take place in order to see how the latter felt afterward. His reaction? 100% gay!

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An awesome episode! I especially liked the part where Kurt asked Finn, "Are you not drinking?", as well as Finn's response: "No. Designated driver."


Absolutely loved the episode. It was so much fun.


Absolutely loved this episode!!!!! It was just a fun episode and loved the interaction with everyone!!!! Love the friendship between Will and Coach Beiste! Finn was a bit too harsh with Rachel..I don't get why he can be so mean to her sometimes!


#2 on my top 5 favorite episodes of glee!


Mercedes was absolutely adorable-looking in this episode. Like a little kid, aha.


MAN this episode should be HILARIOUS cant wait


hhahhaa Britney is singing tik tok by kesha

Glee Season 2 Episode 14 Quotes

I suggest you pre-actively check into rehab, as you are a future alcoholic.


I love hearing about the glee club, but I'm actually more interested in you.