Glee Review: Lots of Luck, Santana

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A funny, touching, entertaining Glee episode that didn't feature a single line from Sue Sylvester?!? I never thought I'd see the day.

But that's exactly what transpired on "Silly Love Songs," as the show stopped feeling like a Public Service Announcement for a week and actually focused on well-paced, well-written relationship developments among its core characters.

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It's no secret that I wasn't a fan of Sunday's post-Super Bowl episode and I can explain why: on that installment, it felt as though the storylines were constructed after the musical numbers. It's clear the show wanted to base everything around the Thriller mash-up at halftime and worked out from there. Storytelling suffered as a result (little build-up to the Quinn/Finn kiss, Karofsky somehow being embraced by Will simply because he was good at singing).

Compare that to "Silly Love Songs." We spent a great deal of time with characters this week, actually delving into the Kurt/Blaine dynamic, for example, instead of just watching Kurt ogle his crush during a Blaine solo (seriously, does any other Warbler sing?!?).

It was refreshing to get to know Blaine a lot better, especially considering Glee addressed how he's seemed a bit too perfect this whole time. Turns out, he's as confused as most high school students. He just hides it behind his confident singing ability.

It's all about the characters coming first. Every performance this week tied perfectly into relationship drama that has been playing out all season (Rachel pining/getting over Finn on "Firework," Kurt standing strong in the face of loneliness on "Silly Love Songs," Puck making it clear how much he likes "Fat Bottomed Girls." Okay, almost every performance.)

I never felt preached to at any point, despite the fact that Kurt and Rachel both passed along an important message about not relying on someone else for your self-worth. But the message was organic, it flowed from their recent experiences, not from a contrived musical number or sudden development.

Also, Lauren was hilarious. I'm fully on board Team Luck. And what a nice showcase for Santana. She was humanized while also keeping her edge... and looking incredible in a candy striper outfit.

A great Glee episode overall. The music was reflective of various individuals' struggles and triumphs, which ought to be the goal every week. I'll say it again: characters need to come first.

Now, let's reincorporate Sue, sprinkle some sarcastic one-liners into the mix and finish season two strong!


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I am team rachel and sam they such good charaters but rachel has to become cooler and dress like she did in that ep called Brittany


Finn has 3 options; go for the girl who kissed his bestfriend, go for the girl who HAD A BABY with his bestfriend or stay single for a while and try to figure out who he is. So why the hell did he go with option 2? What world do the creators of Glee live on? I'm pretty sure if my boyfriend cheated and had a child with another girl, he would be my last option for a future romance. God damn it Glee. Get new writers.


Rachel rocked Fireworks. Love how Kurt sang I love you to Rachel and Mercedes.


Finn and Quinn deserve each other, both so boring! Please let Rachel be alone or at least not with Finn anymore. Such a loser.




Finn and Quinn were together
Quinn and Puck fell for each other
Puck and Rachel made out
Rachel wanted Finn
Finn slept with Santana
Rachel got Finn
Rachel lost Finn
Finn fell for Quinn
Quinn is dating Sam
Sam is after Santana. WHAT?!?!?


Best episode this season. I loved Rachel having fun friends and letting go of something she has no control over. Let F/Q be and he will soon find out how wrong he's been. He is the big man on campus now and is eating up the attention and Quinn remembers this kind of guy and this is the one she is attracted to. Glad to see Puck and Finn friends again. LOve Luck, Hope Sam woos Rachel now. Santana would chew him up. Only time I loved Santana when she outed F/Q. Great music and great fun.


Loved this episode, first one I wanted to watch again in a long time. I had almost given up on this show, especially after the last two episodes before the hiatus which were awful. So glad Rachel isn't pining after Finn anymore, she's too good for him. Finn and Quinn deserve each other, I hope they are miserable. Again. Such an awful couple. Now I really want Sam to go after Rachel to teach Finn a lesson.


The best episode this season. I was shocked! They even let Kurt be normal and not all weepy/gay poster boy/angst-ridden for a change. The only bad thing was too much Warblers, I am so sick of them. I hope they keep it up; it was nice to see the whole cast involved in a show, not just Kurt Kurt and more Kurt. They even let Mercedes talk about something other than food! Whoa! Liked seeing Rachel back to normal too. I really hope they have more episdes like this in store. Even when I didn't like what the characters were doing (Finn) it made sense, unlike this past sectionals. Even Santana was awesome in Silly Love Songs.


I liked the episode. I just don't understand Finn. He's so flirty with Quinn, but when he was at the schoolnurse, he's almost saying that he still loves Rachel. And his little smile when Rachel asked what he'd saw when they kissed.
Maybe it's good that they're apart for awhile.. it was a good storyline in season 1 maybe it will work again.
I just have one question, what happened to the round the table??

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