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A funny, touching, entertaining Glee episode that didn't feature a single line from Sue Sylvester?!? I never thought I'd see the day.

But that's exactly what transpired on "Silly Love Songs," as the show stopped feeling like a Public Service Announcement for a week and actually focused on well-paced, well-written relationship developments among its core characters.

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It's no secret that I wasn't a fan of Sunday's post-Super Bowl episode and I can explain why: on that installment, it felt as though the storylines were constructed after the musical numbers. It's clear the show wanted to base everything around the Thriller mash-up at halftime and worked out from there. Storytelling suffered as a result (little build-up to the Quinn/Finn kiss, Karofsky somehow being embraced by Will simply because he was good at singing).

Compare that to "Silly Love Songs." We spent a great deal of time with characters this week, actually delving into the Kurt/Blaine dynamic, for example, instead of just watching Kurt ogle his crush during a Blaine solo (seriously, does any other Warbler sing?!?).

It was refreshing to get to know Blaine a lot better, especially considering Glee addressed how he's seemed a bit too perfect this whole time. Turns out, he's as confused as most high school students. He just hides it behind his confident singing ability.

It's all about the characters coming first. Every performance this week tied perfectly into relationship drama that has been playing out all season (Rachel pining/getting over Finn on "Firework," Kurt standing strong in the face of loneliness on "Silly Love Songs," Puck making it clear how much he likes "Fat Bottomed Girls." Okay, almost every performance.)

I never felt preached to at any point, despite the fact that Kurt and Rachel both passed along an important message about not relying on someone else for your self-worth. But the message was organic, it flowed from their recent experiences, not from a contrived musical number or sudden development.

Also, Lauren was hilarious. I'm fully on board Team Luck. And what a nice showcase for Santana. She was humanized while also keeping her edge... and looking incredible in a candy striper outfit.

A great Glee episode overall. The music was reflective of various individuals' struggles and triumphs, which ought to be the goal every week. I'll say it again: characters need to come first.

Now, let's reincorporate Sue, sprinkle some sarcastic one-liners into the mix and finish season two strong!


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I was looking foward to Tinas song my funny valaentine cuz i know she has one of the best voices, it was kind of funny i guess but iwould have rather seen her sing. Yeah i'm totally for Finn and Quinn and Lauren is hilarious! And does anyone notice Heather Morris doesnt actually play Britney now she just acts as herself? Santana was really good in this episode too! actually everyone was!


5) Rachel is fully loaded baby ! I always loved her and I always thought that everyone was really cruel with her, but now she's really becoming popular and she got over that guy that talks with sandwiches. 6) No Puckleberry? So, what the hell was that "Need You Now" stuff about? What a pity! Concluding, the ep was one of my favorites this season. I missed Sue, didn't miss Emma and I think Rachel and Santana were the best characters. Keep up the good work :) oh, one more thing: it was good to see brittany and santana without the cheerios uniform. They dress in a cute way, and they are smokin hot. GLEE


Hey :) I really enjoyed this episode. It was cute, funny and extremely refreshing. 1) puck and lauren? Seriously? I think that the writers forgot that the show is about high school. A popular and handsome guy like Puck would never date someone like Lauren, cause in high school people can be REALLY cruel to each other but yeah I get it, it's about love and pushing love boundaries. 2) oh god, Finn is such a confuse hypocrite. He is not able to forgive rachel because she made out with puck (finn was not honest with her) and he forgives someone who actually had a baby with his bf and lied, telling that he was the father? Whatever. 3) Santana was really awesome. She is such a great character with really funny quotes and she is starting to have a storyline with sam which is strange but kinda interesting. 4) seriously I HATE Blaine. Why he's the only Warbler that actually sings? He's so annoying.


It's stupid that Finn and Quinn "saw fireworks" when they kissed because let's be honest, their relationship was not exactly very functional and caring. They were together for popularity reasons and then when the baby thing happened, they just got all sparkly eyed thinking about being parents (Finn wanting to take care of Q and the baby and Quinn being wooed by Finn's 'fatherly-ness'). I would argue that they never really loved each other.


wow. tina's hysterical crying was REALLY strange. i was excited to hear her singing something that showed more of her 'Broadway' voice (rather than the pop tunes that, I think, make her voice sound thinner and weaker than it is - probably due to autotune or something)...and then she just started sobbing. weird, weird, weird. really wish they would make better use of jenna ushkowitz because she is so talented! i didn't mind finn and rachel together before, but now finn is just being stupid/hypocritcal/etc, so who cares. the moment with the star necklace was nice, i guess. the lauren/puck dynamic is refreshing. lauren is so BA! hopefully glee can get back on track. this was a good start. oh one more thing - wish they hadn't chosen "Firework." let's be honest, NOBODY sounds good singing those squeaky "oh oh oh's". yeah it was fitting and all, but meh. not a fan of the song in general.


this was the best epi this season , i really felt like the season 1 awesomeness was back .lol . Lauren and Puck are supeer cool. But Finn's a moron he forgives Quinn for having a baby with Puck but not Rachel for only MAKING OUT with Puck come on seriously ?


Last night episode was incredible! The story lines weren't forced and they show vulnerable/in love side of the characters! I loved the songs & the talk between mercedes, rachel & kurt, they right, i always thought in that way, even that im madly in love with my boyfriend! But thanks glee, you gave me an amazing idea for a gift in valentine's: Sing a love song to my valentine's :)


Last night's episode should have been called "The Comeback", because it sure felt like Glee was back. Let's just hope they keep it up!


I have loved Glee from the beginning but have not been a fan of the last few episodes, I felt last night they came back. I love Luck and was singing at the top of my lungs with Puck. Every song and performance was perfect and for the first time in a long time I liked Rachel's character again. Also laughed hysterically as the Warblers serenaded gap guy...and I like the dynamic between Blaine & Kurt (love When Harry Met Sally)


I think Finn is a moron due the fact that he is " suddenly" feeling fireworks with Quinn. What did he feel when he kiss her when they were together before? Where does he get the right to all high and mighty with Rachel because didn't he start the cheating sequence when he kissed Rachel when he was with Quinn. And what will happen when Rachel moves on again. Will he suddenly b n love with her again. He's a baby. He wants to b the only one n these girls lives and no one else can have them. Power to LUCK!! About x tables were turned on Puck.

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