Grey's Anatomy Review: Lesbian Lover. Baby Daddy.

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On this week's Grey's Anatomy, "Don't Deceive Me," we finally got to see the aftermath of Callie’s shocking revelation. Callie told Mark she was pregnant, and he was incredibly excited until he remembered that he was in love with Lexie and had to tell her. 

When Mark told Lexie at the end of the episode that he got Callie pregnant, she walked out on him after pointing out that Mark was doing this to her for a second time.

Will she forgive him any time soon? It does not seem like Mark is willing to give up being the baby’s father to save his relationship with Lexie.


While Arizona admitted to Teddy that she was not sure if she wanted Mark’s baby, things changed when she saw the baby’s heart beating. At the end of the episode it seemed clear that Arizona and Callie were going to try to make things work. 

Do you think things will go wrong yet again or are they together for the long haul?

Throughout the episode, Callie thought something might be wrong with the baby. Dr. Lucy Fields is her obstetrician. What did you think of her? Is she a good addition to the show? 

Callie eventually admitted to Mark that her fear of losing the baby was tied up with her fear of losing Arizona.

Derek finally began his long-awaited Alzheimers clinical trial. 

Daniel, the second clinical trial patient, began to freak out and requested the presence of the woman he loved, Victoria, who he met at the facility, rather than the presence of his wife.

In perhaps the most emotional moment of the show, Daniel’s wife tearfully begged Alex to give her husband the drug instead of the placebo.

Alex began to feel the pressures involved in helping with such an important clinical trial, and Meredith shared stories about her mother with him to calm him down.

Alex realized that Meredith was the only one strong enough to help Derek with the trial, and, after Alex quit, Derek asked Meredith to help with the clinical trial surgery the next day.

Do you think that it is a good idea for Derek and Meredith to work together? Will the clinical trial hit too close to home for Meredith? It will be interesting to see if she is able to distance herself from the patient.

Another sub-plot involving Derek was his comment to Mark when he found out Callie was pregnant with Mark’s baby. Will Derek and Meredith get jealous of Mark and Callie?

The Chief was annoyed when he found out that Bailey had been tweeting surgeries, but he finally embraced the new technology when it saved a patient. He got excited about teaching again and pulled out Meredith’s mom’s old journals.

Do you think the Chief is going to get more hands on with his teaching again? It was also nice to see Bailey and the Chief’s old-married-couple dynamic in action.

Cristina and Jackson fought over working with Teddy on a quadruple bypass because they both want to be chief resident. Cristina showed that she was not just trying to win the competition but also that she actually has developed good bedside manner when she said to the patient, “[y]ou’ll be great.”

On the other hand, she showed her competitive nature when she tricked Jackson into thinking she was upset by his comment. It’s going to be interesting to see whether Cristina, Jackson, Alex, or someone else becomes chief resident. Any predictions?

Kevin McKidd directed this episode, so Owen was not around much. The scene in which he explained to Chief the difference between “tweets” and “teets” was priceless though.

How do you think Kevin did? How did you feel about the episode overall ? Leave us a comment after browsing through some of the night's best Grey's Anatomy quotes:

Meredith: Doctors practice deception all the time. We give vague answers to hard questions. We don't talk about post-op pain. We say you'll experience some discomfort. If you didn't die, we tell you the surgery went well, but the placebo has to be the doctor's greatest deception. Half of our patients we tell the other truth ... the other half, we pray the placebo effect's real. And we tell ourselves that they'll feel better anyhow, believing help's on the way, when, in fact, we're leaving them to die. | permalink
Sloan: That's my kid in there. I'm a dad. We're parents. A baby!
Callie: Okay, you're in.
Sloan: Should we get married?
Callie: Oh, no. I mean I'm all for raising a baby with you, but there's a line. | permalink
Callie: Words, make words. | permalink
Arizona: I might be having Mark Sloan's baby.
Teddy: Oh good lord, he got to you too. | permalink
Callie: (pointing to Arizona and Mark) Lesbian lover. Baby daddy. | permalink
Lexie: It's like turning off the TV when Clarisse is knocking on the door of the house. It's silencing the lambs, and the lambs want to scream, Dr. Bailey. The lambs want to scream. | permalink
Mark: I don't want to be the cool uncle. The cool uncle's only cool until the kid's like nine and then the cool uncle's just creepy. | permalink
Derek: How can Meredith and I try for months and not have any luck and you look at someone and a baby appears.
Mark: Sloans are unusually fertile. | permalink
Callie: I am a hormone casserole. My body is not my own, and something feels wrong. | permalink
Cristina: Don't give up on yourself. Let us help you. | permalink
Teddy: You really had to go there. You're that insecure.
Jackson: No, just that much of an idiot. | permalink
Chief: I'm trying to look at Bailey's teets on the internet.
Owen: I think you mean tweets, Sir.
Chief: Uh, whatever.
Owen: Uh uh, not whatever. It's important you get that one right. | permalink
Arizona: Shut up. Just shut up. You don't get to tell me that we're not together. We are together. Because I love you and you love me, and none of the rest of it matters. We are together. And if you ever sleep with anyone else again, man or woman, I will kick the crap out of you. Now you sit your ass back down there because that's my baby in there. I don't want anything happening to my baby. | permalink
Alex: I'm off the trial. It's too depressing. I can't handle this for the next two years. | permalink
Meredith: Doctors practice deception every day — on our patients, on their families. But the worst deception we practice is on ourselves. Which is why sometimes it takes us a while to realize that the truth has been in front of us the whole time. | permalink


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Ok first i have to say i agree completely with lexies reaction to the news..i mean how can you say she is selfish or inmature? she just got back together with mark and he tells her that callie..the woman that he slept with many times in the past and that she had been jealous of pregnant with his baby and she is just supposed to take it all nice and cool? cman give her a break!! she has every right to feel mad and dissapointed..
sure mark was single when he did that but since the beginning of the season he has being trying to get her back telling her how deeply in love he was with her and then he just goes and sleep with another woman that easily?? i dont think that was a nice thing to do...and furthermore i think lexie is pissed of mostly because as many of you have pointed out she is not ready to be a mom or have any role in such as complex thing..she is young and deserves better and she doesnt want to be in that position where she has to change her life and everything just to be with him and she shouldnt its marks and callies baby not as much as i like the couple of lexie and mark and i feel sad cause they broke up and they are surely not getting back together i think its for the best im proud of lexies choice she deserves someone that isnt as complicated as mark is..
That being said i must add im dissapointed with arizona i expected more from her being more mad and everything as someone said lexies reaction was very normal while arizonas reaction just wasnt she was too ok with it and it was something really serious that happened with mark the guy she hated so much in the past and stuff i dont know but except from lexie everyone was taking it too fine and it was just unbelivable i was even expecting a little more reaction from mark or something before getting all excited... i like that calzona is back together but it was way too forced and they wont be happy for long thats obvious...i guess callies paranoia was kind of normal and funny but it was way too over the top for her character
The rest of the epi was just fine for me nothing great liked that cristina is back to her old ways and i felt touched by the story of the alzhaimers patient but i think this whole trial thing will get boring very soon...i love alex he needs to be chief he is awesome and is the only one who seems to be really focusing only on his career and stuff he and mer are awesome together the tweet story was funny and the teddy arizona scene was just hilarious...sorry but for me the whole mcbaby storyline is forced and i keep feeling it came out of nowhere just to have a merder storyline... instead of getting new characters they should focus on the ones they already have and give them a good storyline cause as far as im concerned...jackson is pretty but not interesting at all


I'm liking the new OB-attending; Lucy Fields is a good addition to the cast, even if she is only a guest character. I like how she quickly established her footing, immediately putting Mark in his place, unlike the OB-resident that handled Sloan Sloan's pregnancy. Hunt's emphasis on "tweets" vs "teets" was priceless!


The best moment of the ENTIRE episode for me has to be the Cristina's fake emotional melodrama :P Seriously the way she suddenly changes herself from a crying girl to a nasty apple-biting Girl... Sandra Oh deserves a Kudos and ofcourse an EMMY! Not so bothered by Calzona thing to be honest... and those calling Lexie Selfish... C'mon seriously??? she's 27 as per GA... and Mark knew that that could hurt her .. so he simply had to make a choice... Lexie not necessarily end up her life for him! I like them together but that was moronic of Mark! one last request to WHOEVER the hell is Ellen Pompeo's hairstylist: What the HELL do u think u r doing??? Give us our EP back from under that hideous cut! Seriously! the Alarmingly high pony tail was better :P


@ bazuka74, I agree. Africa, and subsequently the pregnancy, was not necessary to allow Jessica to go on maternity leave. They handled Meredith maternity leave without major conflict and could have done the same with Arizona. Maybe she could have studied in Africa for a few weeks, not insist on moving there regardless of her relationship with Callie. I'm not the biggest Arizona-Callie fan but I agree that was the dumbest way to pull them apart. Although I think we all like a healthy does of conflict in a show, I don't think GA viewers are looking for soap-opera type conflict. I liked that Arizona was mad about Mark and Callie sleeping together though she really shouldn't have an opinion since she dumped Callie in the airport. That was a very believable reaction. What's not believable is how quickly she's accepting this baby even though she doesn't want kids right now and even though it's Mark and Callie's naturally conceived child. I think Arizona could have been touched by the heartbeat and spoken about moving back in together but for her to claim the baby was a bit much. At this point, I'm just glad the writers are allowing her to be an adult and put this situation into perspective. This baby happened when Mark and Lexie and Callie and Arizona were broken up. Mark and Callie did nothing wrong here. Single people can sleep together.


This baby SL SUCKS!!! It's BAD writing at it's BEST. They hurried everything along in this ep so they can continue with this crapfest all the while ignoring all the problems that Calzona has. By the obvious setup of what's to come, I doubt any of it will ever get resolved. This IRRITATES me coz it makes everything that they've said and done in the past redundant and their reconciliation unrealistic. I mean really, what was the point of AZ's insecurities, even the boob talk if they're not going to even touch on that???!!! By the way this is set up, we're probably just going get parenting clashes left, right and centre and being constantly subjected to Mallie. Yeah, Shonda, that's very deep storytelling (eyes roll). Thank goodness for Lexie, the only MATURE one in any of this. At least she reacted like any NORMAL person would. Unlike AZ, who only gets 10 seconds of reaction time.


@Meredith McDreamy. I've just watched last few episodes of season 6 & all of the season 7 to refresh my memory.I'm hearing you & I think I agree with you, deep down I do agree with you.I think I'm so disappointed with the whole Callie & Arizona situation that I wasn't able to think clearly. I think this current baby thing is quite believable, I think the whole Africa thing wasn't & didn't need to happen, I got it now.Just 'coz Jcap was about to give birth & needed to stay away for a while didn't mean that she should have been shown in such a bad light, she's been nothing but very loving & supportive to Callie.I feel it all had gone down hill from that Africa thing onwards.Shonda could've come up with something different to allow Jcap to stay away for a few episodes. Arizona has always been a good man in a storm so how come Shonda made a total bitch out of her?.. it just doesn't compute. I love Callie & Az & every time I think of them I remember them dancing together in Callie's apartment in early happy days, remember guys?..& the song they were dancing to was great too Gomez: Little pieces. There are so many great little moments on GA, hundreds of them.Just like in life, all your life consists of tiny moments, even huge moments consist of lots of little ones. Hey guys what is/are your favorite moment/s in the show?


@ bazuka74, Thanks for your comment :)! I disagree; I don't think Callie had to go to Africa to be mature. She was leaving behind her whole career and wasn't allowed to show any type of disappointment without being critized. Arizona should have understood that it would be hard for Callie and supported her through the mood swings because after all Callie was giving up a career so she could maintain her relationship. Arizona was going to Africa with or without Callie so I don't see how Arizona has always given so much for Callie. I also believe Mark is being mature. When he was single he slept with his best friend and she is now pregnant. She told him she's keeping the baby and asked him if he wanted to be a part of its life. He said yes as he should because it's his child. He can't force Callie to terminate the pregnancy and he shouldn't have been given a choice -- it's his and he should help Callie raise this baby in every way that he can. He told Lexie the day he found out. Okay, as a woman I think he should have told her as soon as he found out but at least the entire day didn't pass by. He told her and she's pissed. I get her being pissed, I do, and I get her not wanting to raise his child with someone else or any child for that matter if she isn't ready. But the whole "how did you get me in this situation twice" bit? Please. He told her about the baby and asked if there was a way they could work it out. He didn't force it down her throat like he did with Sloan when he insisted that she move in without speaking to Lexie first. This is a different situation entirely and in both Mark was right not to abandon his children for a woman.


I am sick of watching every one having hot sex except merder the only ones with real chemistry.well done once more Shonda!!!!!!!


I will just repeat myself here but I think Alex or Mer should be Chief resident. As kick-ass surgeons Christina is, I think that the months she spent away have to count for something to get the post. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad she's back (and that her PTSD is over), I like her, and she's a great surgeons but the others were there, it's a fact. I'll go for Alex, who have really been dedicated to his work lately.


Mark's not worth for Lexie, go, won't come back this time
It's so lovely Mer/Der belong together, working the trial together, Mcbaby seems not necessary to them
Cristina should be a chief resident,if GA writer won't let her get pregnant
most of important, I hope SD to give KMK to direct other EP, if you go back to rewatch ep12, EP13's really good one

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Grey's Anatomy Season 7 Episode 13 Quotes

Doctors practice deception every day — on our patients, on their families. But the worst deception we practice is on ourselves. Which is why sometimes it takes us a while to realize that the truth has been in front of us the whole time.


How the hell did you get me in this position twice?!