Grey's Anatomy Review: "Golden Hour"

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Golden Hour” marked a new format for Grey’s Anatomy in that everything on the show took place in one hour’s time. Additionally, lots of old characters made appearances tonight, including Henry, Adele Webber, and Bailey’s love interest, Nurse Eli.

Other mainstays were basically absent, including Owen and Arizona.

Meredith volunteered to help run the ER for a night in order to get a leg up on the chief resident race. The first patient had chest pains and wanted to get out of the hospital quickly to go to a basketball game with his son. He later needed an emergency surgery, and Teddy and Meredith had to prep in the elevator.

Her Golden Hour

Despite their best efforts, the patient died.

Meredith became emotional when she had to call the time of death. The deceased patient’s son called his phone, and Meredith broke the news to his family.

Afterward, she went to look at the newborns and confided in Cristina that she did not want Cristina to be Callie’s baby’s godmother because it made her feel like Cristina did not think that she would be able to have a baby. Cristina agreed to tell Callie no and showed Meredith in a subtle way how much she loved her.

As demonstrated during Derek and Meredith’s one-minute date, Meredith is now on fertility drugs. Did you think that they were going to try to make a baby in the elevator like I did?

Do you think Meredith will actually get pregnant anytime soon? 

Teddy put her date with a new guy on hold to help care for the heart patient. The date and Henry ended up sitting in the waiting room chatting for an hour, and Henry ultimately told Teddy that she could do better.  Teddy went on the date any way while Henry looked on longingly.

What do you think is going to happen with Henry? Did Teddy made the right decision?

Alex came in to the hospital on his night off to sign charts. Dr. Fields ended up helping Alex so he could go to a college basketball game and they bonded. She also got Alex to ask her to the game and then told him she could not go because she was on call.

She seems to be playing a lot of mind games with Alex.

How do you think this will end? She clearly showed interest in Alex when he helped operate on the pediatric patient in the OR instead of going to the game.

Nurse Eli asked Bailey to have sex with him in the hospital. Derek caught them but did not tell Meredith. Do you think Nurse Eli and Bailey being together is a good thing? He clearly has some power over her and can get her cut loose and do things she would not normally consider doing.

Lexie treated a migraine patient and somehow missed that he was having a stroke. Meredith figured it out after he was discharged and ran out to the parking lot just in time.

Perhaps the funniest scene of the episode was when the stroke patient told off his selfish girlfriend and took his key back.

A drunk man walked into the ER with a knife sticking out of his head.  He was very unruly, and the patient’s friend pulled the knife out while the doctors were meticulously planning the surgery to remove the knife. 

The patient was incredibly lucky not to have sustained any lasting injury, and this was an interesting contrast to the father who ended up dying from heart problems.

She's Runnin' the Show

Lexie took Avery’s side in a little argument with Mark. Later, when Avery asked Lexie to go to the basketball game, she said yes. Mark has to realize what is going on at some point. Do you like Lexie and Avery together? The fact that Lexie keeps going out of her way to complain about Mark implies that she still has feelings for him.

Finally, Adele came into the ER without the Chief knowing for a wrist injury.

The Chief was annoyed with Meredith when he found out his wife was a patient. Meredith ordered a precautionary head CT for Adele, which upset the Chief.

Meredith also told the Chief that she was worried about Adele’s memory problems, and he got angry and accused her of having “Alzheimers on the brain.” What do you think is going on with Adele, and do you think the Chief is in denial?   

What did you think of this week's episode? Did you enjoy the format? Leave a comment with your thoughts, and browse some of last night's Grey's Anatomy quotes:

Bailey: I'm taking a nap. Uh, I'm sorry. What I mean to say is that I'm going to use this room to take a nap. Because that's what people do in these rooms when they're tired. Cause I have a child and a full-time job and work long hours, so I'm just tired. Just very, very tired. | permalink
Meredith: How much can you actually accomplish in an hour? Run an errand maybe, sit in traffic, get an oil change. When you think about it an hour isn't very long. Sixty minutes. Thirty-six hundred seconds. That's it. In medicine, though, an hour is often everything. We call it the golden hour. That magical window of time that can determine whether a patient lives or dies. | permalink
Cristina: Sado-masochistic chief resident candidate, maybe. | permalink
Meredith: My boobs, they are huge. Am I supposed to like big boobs? | permalink
Meredith: You don't want to be Callie's baby's godmother.
Cristina: I don't?
Meredith: No, I mean think of how many people have to die before you even get to step up. Mark, Callie, and Arizona. That's a lot of people. | permalink
Cristina: I will NOT be taking care of children. That's what boarding schools are for. | permalink
Derek: Never ask me what I might have seen or might not have seen in there. | permalink
Derek: Come on. I'll be quick. I'll be in and out. | permalink
Derek: I can't wait to meet our future fictitious baby.
Meredith: Me either. | permalink
Dr. Fields: No, I'm on call tonight actually. I just wanted to see if I could get you to ask me out. | permalink
Meredith: You know, it's not that I don't want to share you. I mean I don't want to share you, but that's not the reason I don't want you to be Callie's baby's godmother...It just seems like if you agree to be Callie's baby's godmother, you're saying that I'll never have a baby of my own. | permalink
Cristina: Well, I have to go have a really uncomfortable conversation with Callie now. | permalink
Chief: You've got Alzheimers on the brain. You buy a car and you start seeing it everywhere you look. Now, you've been working on this Alzheimers trial 24-7. I get it. Adele is not your mother, Meredith. She's my wife. | permalink
Henry: I just have to say this. I basically spent the past hour on a date with William myself, and I don't know how much you know about the guy, but this is what I know. Um, he wears driving gloves, yeah. And he doesn't live with his mother, but until recently he lived above her house. And he used the word "shan't", and he wasn't being funny. And he has yet to tell a story about himself in which he is not the hero. And as your husband, I think we can do better. | permalink


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Well... Some people was talking about Bonnie the girl from Into You Like A Train and Meredith reactions... Meredith reaction from the show had little do with Bonnie and so much to do with Derek... Derek had just broken up with her so yes she did want to save Bonnie because they has a small connection at the begining of the show... But Meredith was saying was what up her mean ( Bonnie) and she also meant what about her when it comes to Derek...Because Derek left her for Addison and she couldn't do anything about it... Bonnie is dying and she can't do nothing about that either...Then a mirror moment from Derek when he talks to Bonnies husband... When he tell him that Bonnie want him to know that if love was enought she would be there with her...Same way Derek feels that if love was enought that he would be right by her (Meredith) side... I think the epi that hit close to home with Meredith is in season 1 with the man with the nails her and Christian crossed a line...


I can't wait to see if Meredith and Derek are goin to have a baby. I love Grey's Anatomy


I was so happy to see Tyler in the Mer's Golden hour episode. He was in the photos when Der started the Altzhiemer's trial, but all we saw was his arms in the episode! So more Tyler and Adele will make me SOooo happy


@Smriti Yes! I'm so glad you brought up Bonnie. I thought of her as well when Meredith wanted to do more, but Mer showed real signs of growth and maturity by not pushing it and accepting that they had done all they could to try to save him. Also, the most obvious linkage to the classic GA is Moe Irvin. This is his first on-screen appearance in season 7 as Nurse Tyler. I'm glad that he wasn't canned during the merger or wasn't killed during Clark's gun-rampage.


Wow, it's a shame 'coz I don't speak Italian, lol !


a volte mi chiedo sono medici o sprovveduti i personaggi le cui vicende seguiamo?Cristina rimane incinta di Burke ma non vuole il bambino,Addison,ginecologa,quindi informata e documentata,rimane incinta di Mark ma voleva il bambino da Derek,Callie superficiale e odiosa con le sue bizze e gli atteggiamenti infantili ubriaca e vogliosa di sorbetto si ritrova a dover sceglere una madrina per il suo bebè.Gli unici che desiderano consapevolmente un bambino che sarebbe il frutto del loro amore sono alle prese con un utero ostile e problemi di sterilita',ma siamo seri!


ps..excuse my typos peeps i always type over excitedly and in a hurry so my posts r ALWAYS gng to be loaded with typos hope there is someone out there who wld still get me irrespective of the innumerable typos lol


@Ace I found more linkages to the Good Old Grey's , have been watching the epi non stop since I first saw it and trust me the more I see it the more i am thrown back into the good old era. So I noticed someone screaming SERIOUSLY? SERIOUSLY? after freaking AGES and though it wasn't in the same SERIOUS;LY tone yet it was there during the MD scene when Mer was shocked by his unbelievable plans she all went Seriously over him:) Then remember the girl friend from hell and her convo with Mer? She said something like on a scale of one to ten OMG thats what MD used to do over every little thing back in season 3 we have such amazingly adorable scenes over this Then as I said I remembered Katey Brice when Mer's patient in this epi coded and she ran to him and the way she took charge instantly in this pone the way she was fully in control and knew what it is to be done OMG I so remembered the time when Katey coded and how badly Mr had panicked back then it just shows how just how freaking far Meredith Grey has come how much she has grown and learned and evolved not just as doctor but as a human being you know? Even in the OR when Mer went all No we have to do something to Teddy I remembered Bonnie the train wreck victim? Remember? two patients hooked together by a rod and one had to be moved to save the other and whoever was moved had no chance and Bonnie was moved and Mer went all no you can't leave her you just can't abandon her like that, omg i was so reminded of that in this moment but here too you can see Mer's growth while in the Bonnie case she got so emotionally carried away that she refused to sort of aceept that there really was nothing they could have done and here while she was extremely emotionally effected here too but at the same time she accepted she ACCEPTED that as doctors they had done everything they could have you know? And I really feel that this is one point to be noted coz i shows that on the one hand she has grown as a doctor she has accepted the realities of being a doctor she has accepted the fact that there are bound to be losses you save some and you loose some and more often then never you are bound to be at the loosing end. she has accepted all that but at the same time she has not lost her emotional side she is still as human as she was back then and she still continues to FEEL the loss of human life, the loss of someone's loved one. you know? and I fele this one thing about her deserves more applaud then any damned other thing because its so freaking hard to strike thi mental and emotional balance. Even the best of the best aren't able to do that but she is and she seriously deserves accolades for this one.


Have to say this was the best episode this season. I loved Meredith in this. It shows how much she has matured over the years. I really think that after seeing this, that she is the front runner for chief resident. The scenes with Teddy were really intense. I have to say I'm liking teddy more and more. Love
Henry too. I felt that Meredith show sooo much compassion for her patients. The phone call made my heart break. As for Bailey, I find that she is so out of character I don't like her with Eli. You have seen how they can ruin a character from other SL. Of course the elevator scene with merder made my day.How cute was that? This episode makes me want to keep watching grey's, were that SL with the girls and Mark is making me sick. Even though I Love Callie and Arizona. Great job with this episode.


With respect to JCap, she was a guest star intended only to appear in three episodes before the latter half of season 5, and Shonda promoted her to a full recurring status. She was then promoted to a series regular the next season, so I'm sure the GA-staff utterly respects JCap's talents. Also, given that Jessica was a new addition to the principal cast, other than PD, she was the only one to have a character-focused episode in Season 6. She rocked that one. And with KM? He directed "Don't Deceive Me," which I think he did an incredible job. The only other cast member to try their hands on directing is CW, and both succeeded with flying colors. KM, JCap, and SR are ridiciously happy on the set of GA and despite whatever drama KH, TRK, and IW had is over and done with. Just because SR appeared in two scenes in Golden Hour is cause for her to leave the show and feel as if her talents are wasted a la KH? Even Grey Matters stated that there hasn't been a purely focused Mer episode, and seven seasons and 100+ episodes later, having one isn't going to kill the SR and JCap fans. Chillax guys.

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