Grey's Anatomy Review: "Golden Hour"

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Golden Hour” marked a new format for Grey’s Anatomy in that everything on the show took place in one hour’s time. Additionally, lots of old characters made appearances tonight, including Henry, Adele Webber, and Bailey’s love interest, Nurse Eli.

Other mainstays were basically absent, including Owen and Arizona.

Meredith volunteered to help run the ER for a night in order to get a leg up on the chief resident race. The first patient had chest pains and wanted to get out of the hospital quickly to go to a basketball game with his son. He later needed an emergency surgery, and Teddy and Meredith had to prep in the elevator.

Her Golden Hour

Despite their best efforts, the patient died.

Meredith became emotional when she had to call the time of death. The deceased patient’s son called his phone, and Meredith broke the news to his family.

Afterward, she went to look at the newborns and confided in Cristina that she did not want Cristina to be Callie’s baby’s godmother because it made her feel like Cristina did not think that she would be able to have a baby. Cristina agreed to tell Callie no and showed Meredith in a subtle way how much she loved her.

As demonstrated during Derek and Meredith’s one-minute date, Meredith is now on fertility drugs. Did you think that they were going to try to make a baby in the elevator like I did?

Do you think Meredith will actually get pregnant anytime soon? 

Teddy put her date with a new guy on hold to help care for the heart patient. The date and Henry ended up sitting in the waiting room chatting for an hour, and Henry ultimately told Teddy that she could do better.  Teddy went on the date any way while Henry looked on longingly.

What do you think is going to happen with Henry? Did Teddy made the right decision?

Alex came in to the hospital on his night off to sign charts. Dr. Fields ended up helping Alex so he could go to a college basketball game and they bonded. She also got Alex to ask her to the game and then told him she could not go because she was on call.

She seems to be playing a lot of mind games with Alex.

How do you think this will end? She clearly showed interest in Alex when he helped operate on the pediatric patient in the OR instead of going to the game.

Nurse Eli asked Bailey to have sex with him in the hospital. Derek caught them but did not tell Meredith. Do you think Nurse Eli and Bailey being together is a good thing? He clearly has some power over her and can get her cut loose and do things she would not normally consider doing.

Lexie treated a migraine patient and somehow missed that he was having a stroke. Meredith figured it out after he was discharged and ran out to the parking lot just in time.

Perhaps the funniest scene of the episode was when the stroke patient told off his selfish girlfriend and took his key back.

A drunk man walked into the ER with a knife sticking out of his head.  He was very unruly, and the patient’s friend pulled the knife out while the doctors were meticulously planning the surgery to remove the knife. 

The patient was incredibly lucky not to have sustained any lasting injury, and this was an interesting contrast to the father who ended up dying from heart problems.

She's Runnin' the Show

Lexie took Avery’s side in a little argument with Mark. Later, when Avery asked Lexie to go to the basketball game, she said yes. Mark has to realize what is going on at some point. Do you like Lexie and Avery together? The fact that Lexie keeps going out of her way to complain about Mark implies that she still has feelings for him.

Finally, Adele came into the ER without the Chief knowing for a wrist injury.

The Chief was annoyed with Meredith when he found out his wife was a patient. Meredith ordered a precautionary head CT for Adele, which upset the Chief.

Meredith also told the Chief that she was worried about Adele’s memory problems, and he got angry and accused her of having “Alzheimers on the brain.” What do you think is going on with Adele, and do you think the Chief is in denial?   

What did you think of this week's episode? Did you enjoy the format? Leave a comment with your thoughts, and browse some of last night's Grey's Anatomy quotes:

Bailey: I'm taking a nap. Uh, I'm sorry. What I mean to say is that I'm going to use this room to take a nap. Because that's what people do in these rooms when they're tired. Cause I have a child and a full-time job and work long hours, so I'm just tired. Just very, very tired. | permalink
Meredith: How much can you actually accomplish in an hour? Run an errand maybe, sit in traffic, get an oil change. When you think about it an hour isn't very long. Sixty minutes. Thirty-six hundred seconds. That's it. In medicine, though, an hour is often everything. We call it the golden hour. That magical window of time that can determine whether a patient lives or dies. | permalink
Cristina: Sado-masochistic chief resident candidate, maybe. | permalink
Meredith: My boobs, they are huge. Am I supposed to like big boobs? | permalink
Meredith: You don't want to be Callie's baby's godmother.
Cristina: I don't?
Meredith: No, I mean think of how many people have to die before you even get to step up. Mark, Callie, and Arizona. That's a lot of people. | permalink
Cristina: I will NOT be taking care of children. That's what boarding schools are for. | permalink
Derek: Never ask me what I might have seen or might not have seen in there. | permalink
Derek: Come on. I'll be quick. I'll be in and out. | permalink
Derek: I can't wait to meet our future fictitious baby.
Meredith: Me either. | permalink
Dr. Fields: No, I'm on call tonight actually. I just wanted to see if I could get you to ask me out. | permalink
Meredith: You know, it's not that I don't want to share you. I mean I don't want to share you, but that's not the reason I don't want you to be Callie's baby's godmother...It just seems like if you agree to be Callie's baby's godmother, you're saying that I'll never have a baby of my own. | permalink
Cristina: Well, I have to go have a really uncomfortable conversation with Callie now. | permalink
Chief: You've got Alzheimers on the brain. You buy a car and you start seeing it everywhere you look. Now, you've been working on this Alzheimers trial 24-7. I get it. Adele is not your mother, Meredith. She's my wife. | permalink
Henry: I just have to say this. I basically spent the past hour on a date with William myself, and I don't know how much you know about the guy, but this is what I know. Um, he wears driving gloves, yeah. And he doesn't live with his mother, but until recently he lived above her house. And he used the word "shan't", and he wasn't being funny. And he has yet to tell a story about himself in which he is not the hero. And as your husband, I think we can do better. | permalink


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so i love calzona but ive been a greys fan for way longer and i must say that this episode was amazing. i know its an ensemble cast and that is one of the main reason why i watch the show, but ELLEN POMPEO ROCKED THIS EPISODE. It was cool to see an hour in the life of one of the docs of greys. And seriously if they had to pick 1 doc to try this out, it should be the character that put GREYS in Greys Anatomy. Loved this episode!! it was a great change of pace and im super excited for next week.


@vanessa its called greys anatomy for a reason and im sure all the actors on the show knew that when they signed up to work on the show. katherine heigl left cause she wanted to work on her movie career, but sara has publicly stated that she loves working on the show now and considers it her family. As for Ellen Pompeo, she freakin killed that epiosde!! Love her to pieces!! So @amelia i totally agree with you and @vanessa you're seriously a dumb ass!!


This was one episode that centered around the "main" character of the show people, and personally i think ellen pompeo rocked it!! You didnt see a lot of arizona, callie, owen, etc because mer isnt really friendly with them. So yeah it was one hour in the life of mer so idk what you really expected. And seriously @Vanessa, Sara Ramirez says she loves working on greys. And honestly i think sara, owen, jessica, and whoever else you wanna throw into the miz knew that they werent gonna be the lead when the show is called GREYS Anatomy...


I didn't understand why KH insisted to quit GA last year, but now I get it,no matter how hard you work here everyday, it's Grey's anatomy, you can't gain the respect when your talent's more than a leading actor
if Sara wants to quit GA,I'll totally support her decision, really waste time
I also think both of Jessica & Kevin should consider to stop playing AZ & Owen, go to pick up " a leading role"


Speaking of Lucy and Alex, i just watched some clips of Izzie and Alex on YouTube. What a great looking couple! They were sharp together. Too bad KH messed everything up by leaving the show.


MerDer are so sweet together, they really had me fooled with their little elevator date xD
i really enjoyed the chemistry between alex and dr fields. i've never been a huge fan of alex, but he turns out to be a great surgeon and always surprises me with his intuition for what the patients really need. dr fields has a weird but likeable way of humor and thinking, and she seems to notice things in alex that most of the other people on the show just don't see. i hope she stays and this turns out to be something real :)


@Mia WordS! Totally agree with everything you said.


This is one episode which I can't stop watching since Thursday night, I seriously have lost record of the number of times I might have watched this. Ellen Pompeo deserves much more than awards and accolades for this one, it feels like she really gave her heart and soul into every scene. every dialogue and the way she emoted with her eyes,gosh very few actors can emote with their eyes with such perfection. The nursery scene, the scene where she calls time of death, the scene with Chief, the scene with Adelle and the scene where she talking to the dead patient's nine year old son, each and every one of these tore me apart, specially the last one gosh she was just outstanding in that one. Its seriously one of the best epis not only all season but throughout series, I mean for me it goes into the list of all time favorite epis and that is saying something considering I have loads and loads of all time favorites Grey epis specially from the first five seasons. Very proud of EP, the fact that Shonda and Co trusted her with this epi and specially scheduled it for the sweeps time run is such an affirmation of their faith in their leading lady and boy did she proved them right or what? Hell Ya she did.


@Pri- Very well said
I havent seen anyone have a problem with Mer. Just that the epi only showed her. The epi was classic Grey's because it showed what a dr goes through. It got back to the medicine, the drama of the ER. I love Callie to no end, however I wouldnt watch a show strictly about her. That has to be others involved to keep my interest. I even applaud the Mer fans because she finally got some well deserved airplay. I miss Derek. Love the smile. I mean really who doesnt lol
Im not a fan of Mer's. Doesnt mean i dont like her or this show. Just mean that 50 min of her was too much for me.
This epi was also good because of Teddy. She gets a bad rap sometimes. But she showed why she is a cardio God and hardcore. She didnt blink an eye, she didnt panic, she went in and did what she could. I like Teddy, always have.
Loved seeing Mer and Christina's friendship. They are so amazing and reminds me of my friends. Twisted sisters RULE!!!
So yeah alot of this epi I really enjoyed but that included stuff with the other characters i.e Bailey, Adele, and Alex.
The only thing I was missing was my Calzona. As a HUGE Calzona fan, I hate their SL. It bites, it blows. People talk crap about them all the time. But I do not come on these boards insulting others because their not their fans. I accept the differing of opinions and expect the same respect.
So a round of applause for the epi. IMO opinion it was not the best one this season. But it was better than what was has been on lately.


I loved this episode because it focused on Meredith. It was also action-packed especially when Altman and Grey had to perform an emergency surgery. This was really a great episode.

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