Hawaii Five-O Review: "Loa Aloha"

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Forget the story about the bomber seeking retribution against the officials he held responsible for his son's death on "Loa Aloha." It was just okay.

But it soon became nothing more than filler when considering the gripping tale of Danno and his younger brother.

Dane Cook was the ideal choice for Matt, the height difference notwithstanding. The comedian pulled off all the subtle touches that revealed his character, from his interactions with Grace to the clever way he ambushed Danno with Rachel's presence.

Dane Cook on Hawaii Five-O

Danno was put through the emotional wringer this week. His fierce belief in his brother's innocence was shattered by Matt's omission of guilt. He was then forced into a choice no sibling should have to make by either letting his brother flee the country or shooting him to prevent it. I was actually surprised Danno allowed Matt to get on the plane, considering his steadfast adherence to the rule of law.

Will his decision come back to haunt him? And will Matt ever return? I certainly hope so.

The light-hearted and more dramatic scenes between Matt and Danno were superb examples of why Scott Caan was nominated for a Golden Globe this year. I could clearly feel his frustration and heartache.

Adding fuel to the fire was Rachel, and the clear romantic feelings she and Danno obviously have for each other. With Stan conveniently away on business, one must wonder: will his wife remain loyal?

For once, McGarrett actually used his truck for police work. I had thought he might have chucked it since he's always driving Danno's car, or working on the old Mercury. Picking up Danno to tail Matt just proved how connected these two are, as expressed in this exchange:

McGarrett: Why, what are you going to do?
Danno: It's nothing. I've got it. I'm gonna take care of it.
McGarrett: Okay, I know what nothing means, so...
Danno: Nothing means, nothing, Stephen. I'm fine.
McGarrett: Don't go anywhere I'm gonna be there soon. | permalink

I wish I had something to add regarding the other story, but, as mentioned above, it faded into the background with the strong presence of Danno and Matt.

It was standard Five-O fair that may have stood out had it been paired with a different subplot, as the second bomb was a little surprising. But there weren't any real twists and turns, just a straight forward look at the team catching a bad guy.


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The thing I liked about the original series is that there was very little character story. You very rarely saw or even heard the characters talk about their family history or anything outside of the cases. This show is completely opposite. It is all about the “family� here. Between the murders of McGarrett’s parents and his wacky Sister. And Danny’s unending family dramas this show is starting to be a drag. (not to mention the fact that Chin-Ho and Kono are “cousins�) They’re lucky that Alex is so gorgeous so I’m willing to overlook the stupid storylines. Did the FBI not tell Danny that if he told his brother about their case and he bolted that they would prosecute him? I better see Danny in FBI custody next week. The Governor of Hawaii must be one imposing force if she can overlook the theft of 10 million dollars and the obstruction of justice in the federal case. If I had been writing last night’s episode here are some changes I would have made. One. I would have made Danny the arresting officer of the boy with the DUI, so that his father would have targeted Grace as his third victim. Then the ending could have gone one of two ways…….they could have Danny’s brother be the one that ultimately saves Grace by sacrificing his own life thus going out as a hero instead of a criminal. Or if they wanted to still have the scene at the airport… (after they saved Grace of course) I would have had McGarrett follow Danny and when Danny refused to shoot his own brother, Steve (or as Danny calls him Steven) could have put one in his leg, or winged him in the cause of justice (and to save Danny’s career). Don’t you think that would have been a better way to go????


TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU!! Analise Scott Caan is a golden globe nominee and they will milk is out to the very end. Okay he is a great actor but so are the other 3 team members Danny/Scott is the only one who had several centric eppies ENOUGH!! NOW!! whats next his sisters or Mam and Dad comes to Hawaii!! The crime case this week was much better then last week pitty they didn't explore it more!


Meh. I agree the acting was good. I hated the way the episode broke down though. First of all, after we finally meet Danny's second cousin twice removed, who is likely to be a drug smuggler who just happens to be passing through the Honolulu airport when the coke bag in her tummy causes her to go into seizure, do you think we'll finally be finished with his emoting over family members in various stages of criminal crisis? His is the only character we get to see interacting outside of work and, okay writers, I get it, he can yell, arm flap and tear up. Can we possibly move on now? There are three other members of that team. Who you seem to have forgotten. Who I am beginning to miss. The worst part of the episode last night was, the crime story was interesting and inventive, but it received short shrift and almost no emotional investment. They finally came up with a unique case of the week and they blow it by pairing it with As The Williams Turns? Meh.


This show is such a winner. Fine acting and mainly very good stories each week. I get happy just hearing the theme music.


I love the show, I grew up watching the old Hawaii Five-O. You all do the show good...

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Hawaii Five-0 Season 1 Episode 18 Quotes

Danno: You ready to see your Uncle Mattie, or what? He's what?
Grace: The coolest ever.
Danno: You know a less secure father might take that personally. I always considered myself the coolest ever.

McGarrett: Okay, I know what nothing means, so...
Danno: Nothing means, nothing, Stephen. I'm fine.
McGarrett: Don't go anywhere I'm gonna be there soon.