Hellcats Review: "Worried Baby Blues"

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After seeing the previews for “Worried Baby Blues,” I was sure this was going to be a super fun episode. Instead, a more serious tone was taken between the pregnancy and Travis’ case.

I had been looking forward to this awesome calendar shoot, yet somehow it was over in the first few minutes of the show. This definitely could have been more enjoyable and I wish it had carried on longer. Everyone looked great, especially Lewis in his Santa suit.

Mrs. Marti

A lot of the secondary characters were back, bringing storylines with them... well, mostly. Jake returned with his involvement in Travis’ case; Red made moves on Vanessa; and Derrick was just... there. I do have to admit that the kiss between Red and Vanessa was hot. They have much more chemistry than she possesses with Derrick.

There was a lot of focus on Charlotte’s pregnancy, with Savannah giving the news to her mom. I'm interested to see how this situation plays out, but I hope that doesn't mean too much time spent with their parents.

I have been skeptical about the whole Travis case from the beginning. I get that Marti is in school to be a lawyer, but I never really found any of this relevant to the other parts of the show. After finding out that Jake was involved in the pharmacy robbery, I'm a tad intrigued. I just hope that this doesn't become an over the top development; the guys getting out of the SUV following Marti was a little extreme for me.

“Worried Baby Blues” was not my favorite hour of Hellcats, but it was entertaining enough. It marked another episode without Dan, though. Is anyone starting to miss him? Also, remember:


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I love Red and Vanessa. They are just awesome.




Red is the most amazing character. I just love everything that comes out of his mouth. So smooth and straight-foward. And I really like him with Vanessa, the kiss they had was awesome. That is one relationship the writers are handling perfectly. Whenever those two actos are on screen together I am completely drawn in. An episode can never be at its best without them in it.


Liked this episode a lot! I like how Savannah really took charge of Charlotte's situation and how she's really there to take care of her sister. And everything involving the law case is just great. I like how they were able to connect it with Jake and consequently Alice. Hellcats is getting better and better!


does anybody know the song that played before 3oh3 showed up?


WHEN IS DAN COMING BACK?/? he was my fav


i thought this was enjoyable and i loved how they tied jake in


I really like this show. But honestly, the best part for me right now is Red and Vanessa. I like Dan. Do i miss Dan?? No. I thought his relationship with Marti was totally forced. I didnt really feel his affections for Savannah either. So untimately, if he doesnt ever return, i cant say i would mind. If he did come back with an attitude adjustment though.. i could be on board with that.


I agreed when i first show the begging of this show i was like cool it need to last a little longer. i don't like Savannah's family at all there too over the top with things. I do miss Dan dose anyone know if he coming back and when. overall i give this ep a 3 stars.


Would have liked to see shots for every month of the calendar. The only other months outfits that I recall from the party were September and March. Liked Alice and Marti working together. Boo! haha! Liked the Jake twist and Alice giving Jake hell.

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