How I Met Your Mother Review: "Garbage Island"

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Ted and Marshall may have thought they were the bad guys this week, but there was little anyone could trash about "Garbage Island."

I liked how Marshall confessed the real reasoning behind his new green thumb was because he was upset his father would never get to see him fulfill his dream of becoming an environmental lawyer. The fact that Marshall continued to struggle with his father’s death, now multiple episodes later, is a testament to the character storylines and their continued development.


How great was Lily? Marshall’s fear of getting locked into GNB if he became a father must have been pretty serious to ward off her advances. When he was uploading the rest of the crew on Garbage Island, Lily rubbed him like she thought a genie was going to pop out and grant her three wishes. She was so aggressive, Marshall had to scold her like a bad dog when she tried to get him to cop a feel.

The Captain returned and, despite how he might interpret it, I had to tip my cap and give him a wink of approval for his scenes with Ted. It’s not everyday you see someone wield a mace-ball and chain, let alone two. That Maritime Protocol of his must be some ruthless reading; Hammurabi meets the Spartan code it sounded like. Had to agree with him also when he called out Ted for calling the doorman a rapscallion. A rogue by any other name, but he had to draw the line somewhere.

Not sure what word would have apply to the shirtless, mustached look Ted rocked in the one scenario, but that was some look. I half expected the camera crew from Cops to burst on screen because you know if you’re rocking a pair of jeans and no shirt, there’s a good chance you’re getting busted for something. Either that or Goose will ask you to play one more game of beach volleyball before your date with Charlie.

Shirtless Ted

I’m not too sure where I was going with that, but I am thankful to be a little clearer on where the main plot is headed after 2021 Ted revealed to Wendy the waitress and Meeker that he and Zoë do NOT end up together and any suspicions that Wendy might have been also were put to bed.

Very clever way Carter and Craig got to that revelation and I also enjoyed how they orchestrated Meeker running into Wendy and marrying her thanks to their mutual malevolence for Marshall.

Barney once again was spitting hot fire like Making the Band’s “Dy-lan.” Loved when he told Robin that as soon as a girl says she doesn’t want to grab drinks all he hears is the teacher from the Peanuts cartoons. For all his great quotes this week, I was shocked he didn’t jump all over Wendy when she asked Ted how his meat was. Despite that missed opportunity, I was glad to see him so serious about a girl again. Barney was really jonesing for Nora and Robin truly sparkled, as she told him to “go get her!

Does anyone still think she and Barney end up together i.e. the wedding where Ted and Marshall are sitting on the bench?

I’m interested to hear people’s thoughts. The wedding in question isn’t Punchy’s, I don’t think. Why would Marshall and Lily be there? Could things between Barney and Nora go the distance? Seven episodes remain this season, but the show is also slated to go on for some time after that. Let’s open up the discussion and be sure to check out my favorite quotes from this week as well.


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So am I supposed to care at all about Zoe now that I know things are going to end horribly with them. It pisses me off a little that anytime Ted meats a girl that within a few episodes its revealed that shes not the mother. It completely destroys any storyline with her because we now know shes going to leave any second and never be seen again.


it would make the most sense for it to be barney and robin's wedding. seeing as ted is the best man and it seems like lily is the maid of honor (how she was the one to come get ted) i just think that's what it is. and i hope.


Barney and Robin's story is great-but I don't see them getting married. The only wedding that's going on this season is Punchy's wedding where Ted is going to be the best man where the person comes out and says that it's time for the best man. But that's my oppinion.


I think it's Ted's wedding, maybe with Zoe. Think about it, he says, it doesn't end well with Zoe, so maybe on the day of their wedding he falls in love with the mother. In 6x01 (Big Days) Marshall asks him if he's nervous, why would he be nervous as a best man, he wasn't nervous at Marshall's wedding so he wouldn't be at anyone else's. Also, when Lily says something like "the best man is being summoned", ted looks to marshall and says "what now?". this could imply that either one of them is the best man, and it would make sense for marshall to be ted's best man. As for the mother being there, Ted could possibly have invited Cindy, seeing as he's invited Ex's to his wedding before; if so, maybe Cindy brings along her room mate and Ted meets her. LAWYER'd


I want the wedding where Ted meets the mother to be Robin's. She promised him that she'd find him someone in The Purple Giraffe, and this show seems like one who would keep that promise. He thought she could be the one and she wasn't, but she'll lead him to the real One. I hope so.


Robin & Barney!


I hope barney and robin get married!


I also think the wedding is Robin, maybe not with Barney. Zoe isn't the mother (that was expected). When you thing about it, this is the only show who like to tease the audience every week or so. Good work guy.


I just really want to know who the mother is, I cant stand this waiting.


loved this episode.. but until now I've loved every episode this season.. I do think the wedding is barney and robin's..
If there's one person on this earth who could get barney to settle down, it's robin.. I think she'll start helping barney be a good boyfriend to nora and realise she still loves him.. I loved the cut off in the end when in 2021 Ted wants to tell wendy how he and the mother met.. there is no show that teases it fans better..

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