Kevin Williamson Signs on for The Secret Circle

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Kevin Williamson is moving from vampires to witches.

The executive producer and writer for The Vampire Diaries has agreed to take on those same roles for The Secret Circle, a series The CW is expected to greenlight for its fall schedule.

The Secret Circle

Also based on a novel series by LJ Smith, The Secret Circle focuses on a California teen who moves to her mother's hometown of New Salem. Once there, she discovers that she's part of a coven of witches.

The good news? Williamson's involvement instantly increases our interest in the upcoming drama.

The bad news? It means no immediate plans for a rumored, quasi Vampire Diaries spin-off; and the fear that Williamson splitting his time between two shows could negatively affect the quality of each.


Good books.
Pumped to see what the show is like.


i have not read the secret circle series but i have heard of the books and i am going to buy them, i think a tv show would be great. i just want to know went it is going to be on tv. do any of you know the date the show will come on.


My on;y problem is Kevin seems to have hard time writing witches on TVD and there only one of them so how can I expect he can write for 12.


yeahhh !!! I love those books !!!! I cannot wait to see what they're gonna do with !!


soo... this witch thing would be the end off The Vampire Diaires?
That sucks.


As a huge fan of The VD and Charmed, I cant wait for this show. I would like Andrea Bowen to act as the part of Diana, and Natalie Dreyfuss or Selena Gomez as Cassie


I also agree with nellyluv12. If Kevin Williamson slacks off on The Vampire Diaries, I'll cry. Everyone will be upset if The Vampire Diaries slacks off. KEVIN WILLIAMSON, YOU BETTER KEEP GOING GOOD ON THE VAMPIRE DIARIES!!!!!!


I agree with nellyluv12....


kevin better not slack on vamp diaries tho


WooHoo. I love this series of books better than Vampire Diaries series and hope that Kevin will find the right actors to play them and have it come on right after Vampire Diaries and Nikita move to Wednesday even though I love that show.

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