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I was pleased that Theresa finally learned that her family was broke and Patrick stepped into the ring, er, I mean cage, on "Bolo Punch."

I wasn’t sure how long Theresa would remain in the dark on the financial problems. Having the credit cards confiscated in public certainly made things click together for her. Although, thinking that Johnny was stealing the money was an interesting accusation. She seems to find fault in the Leary family choices, but there also seems to be a painful past for her. I wonder if she has a family gene for overreacting, too?

Bolo Punch Scene

Johnny clearly mixes with the wrong people in his desperation to make a buck, but, like Theresa, his past is just as clouded. Viewers did learn that he used to be a boxer. But little else was revealed about that occupation.

Like always, it was the champion boxer that stepped up to the plate in order to save his brother. Patrick is so eager to fight everyone’s battles and place all of his family’s burdens on his shoulders, no matter how heavy the load. Plus, his confidence and determination push him through each difficulty, even when the odds are stacked against him. These attributes are what’s going to make his comeback as a boxer that much greater.

So, after a relatively slow episode with a few altercations, I was pleased when Patrick suited up. Unfortunately for him, he was facing a Mixed Martial Arts fighter.

Mixed Martial Arts has become a phenomenon in the U.S. and this was made even more evident when Patrick and Pops were at the bar. Boxing has seemed to dissipate to the back in popularity. MMA takes a lot of strength and determination to get in the cage and worry about legs, arms, chokeholds, and every combination you can think of. No doubt, both types of combat can cause a lot of damage.

Patrick, being Patrick, gets into the cage knowing he’s not trained in that particular MMA style. He definitely held his own; although for a moment, I thought he might lose. His winning punch to the throat followed by a swift punch to the face made me grab my own throat. I can’t imagine how hard and painful of a hit that must have been.

Patrick is proving that he’s still extremely capable of a fighter and a great caring family member. I’m ready for that rematch training to begin!

After four episodes, Lights Out has been pretty good television. However, I still feel as if it’s missing something, some emotional punch that makes me eagerly want to tune in week after week.

Don’t get me wrong, the boxing premise is intriguing, the characters all have their own interesting personalities and there’s a fair amount of storylines emerging for plenty of drama. But we need more of the intensity we saw at the end of this week's episode. Let's hope we get it going forward.

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Catherine McCormack is horrible, and it's not just her mixing of accents. The character is obviously supposed to be a Carmela Soprano, another wife who loves her material possessions but doesn't love what her man had to do to get them. But McCormack is no Edie Falco. She just comes off as shrill and superficial. I find that the show seems to assume we care passionately already about Lights' family -- his annoying kids, his somewhat blank father -- but that's asking too much because these actors don't make you care about them. Holt McCallany is good, but not great, and he needed a stronger supporting cast to make this show really work. That's what separates shows like Sopranos and Sons of Anarchy from Lights Out. As for boxing vs MMA, MMA is for pro wrestling fans who grew out of wrestling. Boxing has its own separate fanbase, and it is maybe not the hip thing right now in the US, but boxing is bigger than ever in Europe, where the heavyweight champion Klitschko brothers draw 50,000 to every one of their fights.

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Nothing personal, I just always bet on the black man because the white heavyweight usually lose.

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