Lights Out Season 1

It's the series finale of Lights Out. Read on for a detailed recap of "War."

"Sucker Punch"

Lights receives a surprise visitor on this episode. His mom stops by.


A politician tied to Hal Brennan gets caught up in a prostitution scandal this week. It causes problems for Lights.

"Cut Men"

Theresa makes a decision about her future this week. Elsewhere, neither Death Row nor Barry feel much sympathy for Lights.


Patrick's allegiance to a new boxing mentor causes serious trouble this week. It threatens to tear his family apart.

"Head Games"

Lights hires a trainer played by Eamonn Walker this week. Elsewhere, Theresa has concerns over Ava's attitude about life.


Lights attempts two comebacks this week: one in the ring, the other at home.


Lights trains for a fight this week, missing his family. Can he remain close with them and still accomplish his professional goals?

"The Comeback"

Patrick's marriage is in trouble this week, due to mounting financial problems. Read on for a recap of "The Comeback."

"Bolo Punch"

Lights put himself on the line to help his brother this week. The episode is titled "Bolo Punch."

"The Shot"

Patrick tries to reach out to a young fighter on this installment of Lights Out. It's titled "The Shot."


Patrick is threatened with criminal charges on the second episode of Lights Out. As a result, he must make a special delivery.


We meet Patrick Leary on the series premiere of Lights Out. He's the former Heavyweight Champion of the World, but he's been retired for years.

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