Michael Weatherly Speaks on NCIS Directorial Debut

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Michael Weatherly is set to direct the March 1 episode of NCIS.

"One Last Score" marks the 179th episode of the hit procedural, now in its eighth year on CBS, but the very first that a member of the NCIS cast has stepped in to direct.

"Believe me, I knocked on the door a long time," Weatherly says. "Mark Harmon always says nobody here wants anybody else's job. Here I am, trying to do somebody else's job."

A DiNozzo Pic

As a first-time director, Weatherly says his biggest challenge came as an actor. "By the end of this episode, I felt DiNozzo had significantly altered," he tells TV Guide.

"He awakens from a four-year sleep. I was glad to see him back! In this episode and the next, he's in a Sean Connery place - pretty deadly serious with a twinkle in his eye."

That may be provided by former Brothers & Sisters star Sarah Jane Morris.

The actress debuts as a new NCIS agent and a potential love interest for Tony that week. Will she, and Michael's directorial role, show us a different side to DiNozzo - who briefly morphed into a straight-laced go-getter last fall in "False Witness"?

"As the director, I had certain powers," he says, "and I hope the audience is pleased."

We have a hunch they will be.

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He said hes going back as the Tony he was Before. 1st of all noone will be getting together until the last episode of the series. witch isn`t happen anytime soon


These whole changing character and hooking them up is what killed CSI


I can't wait for tonight... im glad MW got to fulfill his wish.. his character needs a boost.. Ziva needs a little kick in the ass too..she has been so smug with this whole Ray thing... Tony needs to have a little fun too!


Well said Janet Brown I agree with 100 %. a person can change just a little bit. but not too much. or otherwise he will not be Tony DiNozzo we love.


yes a person can change a little but not to much otherwise he just wouldnt be the tony we all love.


some of us mean just change a little not completely change DiNozzo`s character. just change him a tad


We want Tony to grow up and change but to stay the same as well that not how it works people you either change the character or keep him how is he


I can`t wait until this episode next week. I don`t know what to think of EJ yet. I think what he means is Tony awakens after 4 years is the whole Frog Jeanne thing he was ok season 5 then when Jenny died he made everything a jork in his life. so hopefully he will still have his humor but a little more grown up. just not the big clown hes has been for last couple of years. I like Tony tho. I hope MW does a great job


Why is Michael talking about what Mark comments on? More power to him if he thinks he can do it!


Same here Janet Brown I hope he just changes a little bit more grown up but with the a little humor like it was was. and a little Tiva

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