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As we reported a few weeks ago, NCIS will be introducing Ziva’s boyfriend Ray later this season. But who is this mysterious man? TV Line has some new details.

Ray arrives in this season’s 20th episode, Michael Ausiello says, and is a handsome, charming, intelligent federal agent of Mediterranean/Latin American descent.

He has a strong, nice-guy demeanor but “there’s a hint of a mystery behind his smile.” The role is still uncast, incidentally. Any thoughts on who should play Ray?

Ziva and Gibbs Picture

Whatever Ray looks like, his role remains shrouded in mystery.

As for whether the show is leading up to something big for the eighth season finale, TV Line says the season will end with a big, splashy serial killer arc.

Any theories on how that ties in with the escalating Gibbs-Vance drama, if it ties in with it at all? Think any other familiar faces (or stories) will emerge?

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Bruno Campos for Ray.


I liked Eric Murciano on "Without a Trace." But last night's episode seems to be leading elsewhere. Do you think that maybe -- especially with the budget cuts -- Tony will accept a different assignment, with a new partner?


Benjamin Bratt.


I just read that "Enrique Murciano" will play Ray! It's a actor of "Without a trace" - for those who don't know.


question werent we suppose to get a Abby and Ducky Orgin these season


I'm not sure who it should be, but while I like Jimmy Smits, he is a bit old for Ziva. Nick Lea is a good option, but I'm sure the producers will get the right one. At least I hope they do. Whoever he is, he needs a maturity that matches Zivas without but he also needs to not seem old.


I dunno, but this is kinda bringing up Rivkin flashbacks for me. I really hope it isn't like that, but the spoiler says that it will be a team-centered finale, which is always good. I am hoping for a great finale! Don't let us down writers, although you haven't yet this season!!


Janet, you make a good point she did say she met Ray when she was working so you maybe right. I never thouget of that.


does anyone remember at the begining of season 8 when ziva came back from miami she said that she had been working all the time .maybe she is working undercover and that they suspect ray is a serial killer.


yeah u might be right Michael. I just hope none of the team members dies.

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Tony: I was just wondering. Thanks.

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