No Ordinary Family Review: "No Ordinary Proposal"

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I half-expected "No Ordinary Proposal" to be a bit of a letdown after last week's action packed episode, but to my surprise it turned out to be another solid outing with good story movement across the board. For the most part.

I was seconds away from complaining that everytime we detoured to the J.J. thread, the episode would begin to grind its gears. I didn't much care about whether or not he joined the academic decathlon, and couldn't believe we were wasting precious clobberin' time on such a throwaway plot.  

Jim vs. George

After the way the story has progressed over the last few episodes, though, you'd think I would have learned not to take anything for granted. Of course Dr. King was behind it. I should have figured that any math teacher who is so quick to blackmail one of his students was having his strings pulled by the diabolical mastermind.

I feel certain I'm correct in thinking that the equation King wanted J.J. to solve has to do with tweaking his serum in order to make the abilities permanent - and I still contend that King has a power of his own we have yet to learn.

As we delve deeper into the murky recesses of whatever it is King is working towards, we uncover more and more darkness - and I'm feasting on it. The fact that he turned a then six-year old Joshua into a murderer and simply calls that a "detail" means he's far worse than just a villain; he's a mad man. Stephen Collins is playing this role fluidly and with such a menacing joy that I eagerly await every moment he's on screen.

It's rather fitting that King, having destroyed Joshua's life by giving him the abilities in the first place, did so again by taking away his happiness with Katie. Yes, Joshua deserved to be dumped after what he did to her and Daphne, but I kind of expected them to rationalize it and make everything okay with Katie. I'm much happier with the way it turned out, even if Katie isn't. I have a feeling Joshua will return at some point, with powers intact, and play an integral part in a rescue, causing Katie's cardiac organ to levitate once again.

As for the revelation to Stephanie that Joshua had erased both Daphne and Katie's memories, it did leave me slightly underwhelmed in the way it played out, as I had hoped to see Daphne experience something to indicate she was regaining the memories or at least recognize something was wrong. For having served as the turning point of the series, for me, the resolution to that cliffhanger seemed to sort of peter out here. Hopefully I'm only jumping to conclusions and there is more to come on that front.

Anthony Michael Hall plays a decent brute, but I couldn't help but think of his bully character from Community the entire time, to the point where I was hoping someone would slam a stapler into his forehead just so I could laugh and get it over with. Still, it gave us a great banter-boxing scene between George and Jim. I was kind of impressed that George figured out how to beat Roy, though something tells me he ducked a bully or two in his day.

The biggest disappointment of the episode, for me, was that Jim's collateral damage ended up having a positive result. I know, NOF functions within a "heightened" reality, and given the fact that it's a family-centric show, it probably makes sense that it all wrapped up in a tidy package by the end. I can't help feeling a little cheated though. Realizing that vigilante efforts can have repercussions, despite good intentions, was an important thing for Jim to learn, I thought.

Overall I did enjoy the episode, but I'm really looking forward to Tricia Helfer bringing the sexy next week, replete with a Poison Ivy-esque ability to seduce men.  


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This show actually horrible and for some freakin reason I can't stop watching. The characters are flat and seem to lack any common sense or intuition. It is absolutely ridiculous!! I understand that certain allowances have to be made for comic bookesque shows but this one is just off. The daughter can read people's minds but then she is surprised when Joshua attacks her. WTF!! They do the dumbest things like talk way too much for people with such a big secret. Even the little things like opening doors without asking who it is. Or what about the shiftless brother... He took the kid out of school to go gambling and why is it that even after seeing that there are other people with abilities they behave as though they are the only ones. Really! Unless something changes I just can't imagine this show not getting cancelled.


I'm fascinated by this episode. There is so much betrayal and scheming that makes it interesting. Trying to trust someone is very difficult to do and it keeps getting worse. This reminds me of how Kring's "Hero's" episodes drew in the viewer. I had to pause on my HD DVR to get something to eat and I was so excited about this episode I decided to blog about it now.


@Ivan...are you sure you were watching No Ordinary Family? I thought this was a solid episode. And the fact that George figured out the way to beat the bully was to basically duck and weave was great.
Good review.




This was a great episode from beginning to end. The first time Lou spoke of Chuckles being "shelled," I knew we were in for a treat. When Murray spoke of Chuckles' fellow clowns "jumping" out of a little hearse, I hit the floor laughing. Then the delicious irony of Mary losing it during the funeral. Classic! Now, I'm off to catch the latest installment of Bob Newhart...

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