Off The Map Review: "I'm Here"

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Little by little, Off The Map pulls me in each week. I’m always grateful for the gorgeous scenery that offsets the occasional medical gore. The ocean, waterfalls, mountains, and rainforest make me feel as though I’m skimming through a travel brochure.

I’m Here” showcased how much these characters have begun to rely on one another and how others are reevaluating their relationships.

Hot Docs at the Beach

Angus Sinclair rolls into town with his larvae infested skin and tries to woo Zee. Seriously, only a doctor could flirt with a guy while removing puss and larvae from under his skin. I’m just hoping I don’t recall that scene the next time I eat a slice of bacon.

Zee has been assessing her relationship with Otis since the start of the season. This breakup is no surprise, Sinclair just pushed things to a head. Now we’ll see if Otis has any real feelings for Zee or if he simply moves on to his next fling.

And could that fling be Mina? They certainly make an odd couple but Mina was definitely moved when Otis shared the details of his addiction. I don’t think Otis had any idea what she was trying to tell him when she spoke with him on the porch.

I’m not entirely sure that Mina knew what she was trying to convey either but their interaction continues to be entertaining.

The amputation under water was dramatic but I was happy they didn’t dwell on the actual surgery too long. Although I’ll admit that the blood slowly floating upward in the water was an eerie sight. And I liked how it brought Tommy’s issues with his family to the forefront.

I was happy to see him send the picture back home. At least they’ll know he’s well.

Lily continues to let her naivete get the better of her. I don’t know what Mateo’s real story was but neither did she. Hopefully her trusting nature doesn’t put the clinic in jeopardy with the local police. That could be bad for everyone.

Any guesses on what is wrong with Ryan? There’s obviously more there than just the bends and from the look on her face she seems to know what it is. We’ll see how long the big reveal takes and if she confides in Ben or someone else at the clinic.

So we leave the jungle this week with Zee deciding not to kiss her bug infected suitor, Lily kissing her patient who is bleeding from an abdominal wound, and Tommy kissing the waitress who doesn’t speak English. Somehow I’m betting they’ll find a way to communicate despite the language barrier.


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I like this show alot! I like the characters. Lily however is just a bit too cliche or maybe cheesy for me. Can a doctor really be that naive?


Just found this show one day on my iPad,ABC Player. What a pleasant surprise!!
I find the show refreshing and entertaining! Greys anatomy writers are truly the BEST at this genre! I look forward to each new episode. I hope this show gets renewed for the second season. OH, and bacon scene, I agree with Fossie...I will look at bacon differently from now on!!


i am officially hooked. huge fan :) ... loving the characters, the story lines are quite amusing ... the underwater amputation was a bit overblown though ... come on ... it's the ocean ... yanno ... shark infested waters & stuff ... was just waiting for a shark to come and take a nib ... was like a medical sci-fi/horror ... Mina rocks, I love her more with each episode ... Zee is sooo cute and her personality is absolutely charming ... I'm starting to like Otis too, though still dislike him very much at times ... Ben seems quite a complicated character, very likable ... Lily is so naive it hurts to watch sometimes ... she's tough and compassionate at the same time ... like her lots ... dislike all the drama around Ryan though ... her showing up front and center from frame 5 onwards reflects her personality perfectly - impulsive & overly dramatic ... she's not all that interesting ... Tommy - i adore Tommy ... he is hilarious and Zach's presentation of the character is brilliant! ... Last, but definitely not least - my favourite charachter of them all - Charlie ... he's my main man ... Jonathan has a bright future in acting career business ... go Jonathan!


Otis looked completely gobsmacked when Zee broke up with him and it served him right. Can't wait to see if he'll go after her or if he's done. Either way at least Zee will know how he really feels. Oh God, that bacon scene was totally gross.


I may never eat bacon again. That was funny but disgusting.


I'm loving this show! :)

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Off the Map Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Charlie: How much do you make being a doctor?
Otis: A lot less than you make being a bookie, I'll tell you that much.

Look at this. My arms around a child and I'm not even wearing a hazmat suit.