Off the Map Season 1

"There's a Lot to Miss About the Jungle"

The country's Holy Week festivities take a chaotic turn when a truck float crashes, and Ben makes a difficult call as Ryan's health deteriorates on the Season Finale of Off the Map.

"Hold on Tight"

A paragliding accident leaves a vacationing couple in peril, while Mina is forced to take control of Ryan's care.

"Everything's As It Should Be"

Emotions run high when an old friend of Ben's brings a controversial transplant to the clinic, and Tommy is threatened by Mina's new love interest.

"I'm Home"

When a hepatitis outbreak spreads through the local prison, the team jumps into action, while Lily learns more about Mateo.

"There's Nothing to Fix"

A water taxi crash leaves Ben and Tommy to tend to patients out in the field and Lily with a gut wrenching decision, while Ryan and Mina treat one of the city's most irritating ex-pats.

"It's a Leaf"

Lily and Dr. Cole rescue three brothers trapped in an abandoned gold mine, while Mina learns a life changing lesson during a native birth ritual.

"Es Un Milagro"

After the helicopter crash, the team must save the lives of their patients and the pilots, while Ryan searches for a missing girl and Lily learns a shocking secret.

"It's Good"

A robbery leaves the clinic without any medication, Otis has to face his personal demons with sobriety in order to save a patient, and Ryan meets a young patient with a disease she is far too familiar with.

"I'm Here"

When a scuba diving trip goes wrong, Ryan, Ben, Tommy and Mina race to save their patient underwater, while a flame from Zee's past returns to the clinic for an unconventional treatment.

"On the Mean Streets of San Miguel"

Mina struggles with her own moral code after learning the true identity of her patient, while Lily learns more about Ben's past and is tested on her first trip into the city.

"A Doctor Time Out"

The city is buzzing with the annual festival, but when a live wire electrocutes a young man and causes a citywide blackout, Mina and Otis fight for his life.

"Smile. Don't Kill Anyone."

An anaconda takes hold of a wildlife photographer and Zee, Lily and Ben spring into action. Tommy learns a tough cultural lesson and Mina struggles to get along with new colleague Ryan.

"Saved by the Great White Hope"

On the season premiere of Off the Map, we meet Dr. Lily Brenner and other physicians. They arrive in a tony South American jungle and get to work in an under-stocked clinic.

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