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One Tree Hill covered the idea of having children this week, along with the relationships these children then have with their parents. It wasn't as good as some recent episodes, but not nearly as bad as some earlier in the season.

Let's start with Brooke and Julian, who were attempting to adopt a baby from a 19-year old pregnant woman played by Leven Rambin. Rambin seems to be in everything these days. After I first disliked her character in The Sarah Connor Chronicles, I proceeded to dislike her characters in Grey's Anatomy, the two episodes of Scoundrels I watched, and ,most recently, as a red head in Wizards of Waverly Place (yes, you read that correctly).

Brooke and Julian

I loved her on "I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here," though, and not just because she ultimately decided to let Brooke and Julian adopt her baby. Her character, Chloe, seemed to have been through a lot, so her final speech to Brulian about why she chose to give them her baby felt really good.

How that storyine got to that ending point was certainly a trip, though. I mean, come on Brooke! Are you really lying straight up to the girl's face about your clothing line and your parents? This is something I would have expected from her five seasons ago, but now? I thought she had grown enough over the past couple of seasons to not do something so silly. Did she learn nothing from her experience with Sam?

The whole lying bit was worth it, however, because it created the fantastically awkward scene in which Haley's baby shower turned into the gang chatting about how it was cool to go to jail and do drugs right in front of Chloe. One might assume that this would have scared Chloe away, but the baggage that Brooke and Julian bring with them was actually something that convinced Chloe to go with them, and I thought that was a nice touch. 

I'm sure Haley's fantastic toast about Brooke - in which she claimed that "There is no one else to whom I would trust my child more" - didn't hurt, either.

Meanwhile, Haley's baby girl is on the way and she has decided on a name. She needs to make sure it is okay with big sis Quinn for her to name the baby after their mom, and of course the answer is yes. They have a few touching moments, but once again, these scenes would be much more heartfelt if they were about a parent that we had met for more than a couple episodes before she passed away. 

It would be much easier to tear up if they were sad about losing Karen or Deb... or how about Keith?  He's dead and now that Lucas is gone, no one ever talks about him.

On the relationship with parents side of things, Clay, Nathan, and Julian spent time with Ian Kellerman as they prepared to sign him to Fortitude. This kid is a real handful and, just as Nathan seems to think, reminds me of a young Nate Scott. Not the bearded, drunken, in a wheel chair, jerk of a Nate Scott from season five, but the "I'm too cool for school, I hate my half-brother, I'm the nicest basketball player ever" Nathan Scott from season one. 

Nate's ability to take all of Ian's antics in stride because he knows that the young Kellerman kid might be able to grow into a man was poetic. Nathan's the rock of the show, and he proved it once again with his ability to reel Kellerman in.

And, finally, there was the hilarious baseball action at Jamie's Little League tryouts. None of the comedy came from Jamie, of course, because his ability to make me laugh left after his first season on the series. You know what will never cease to get old, though? Julian knowing nothing about sports. "Eating ice cream is the best part about Little League... except for maybe catching butterflies" is a quote to remember.  Add to that Chuck complaining about bad hops and taking his shoes off, and you had a pretty darn funny episode of One Tree Hill.

One final note: When are people going to start noticing that Alex Dupre is in their presence? They need to either explain that she is not as big a celebrity as they once said she was, or explain that people in the One Tree Hill universe don't care about movie stars. Unacceptable for this to continually happen.

So how excited are you that Brooke and Julian's parenthood seems imminent? Do you love Naley naming Jamie's baby sister after Haley's mom? And when and how will Clay propose to Quinn? Sound off now!


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Awww I'm glad that Brook's finally getting the family she so rightfully deserves! :D ...Now bring back Lucas & Peyton and have one final episode to remanicse on all the good times and END THE SHOW ALREADY. Seriously.


I liked this episode, but just for fun..
OTH is still missing the sweep me of my feet storylines that used to keep me up all night watching the dvd's (still do actually)
and what the hell was laurie doing at the babyshower..
I mean we haven't seen her since the car accident.. and NOW she's thanking brooke for saving her life which probably means they haven't seen eacht other since..
and what is her deal.. is she still jamie's teacher? she's not with skills.. where is skill, he also has the nasty habit of being there one episode being gone the next without explanation..
that's annoying me more and more that besides the six main characters the rest just hangs in there and storylines shif all the time without explaining.. it's getting better but OTH has still lost it's touch.. hope they get it back, it used to be sooo good.. btw what's up with milly just getting this reporting job.. hello you need education and training.. you can't just be a journalist.. and there is no way she'll get al those stories on day one.. even if she went to school first she would be getting coffee the first and checking other stories the first few months..


Porter: I was totally thinking of her Grey's role too..a pregnant teenager looking for someone to adopt her child lol I don't think Quinn should have given Haley the name and the brush..thats like saying Quinn wont have any children Jamie should be replaced with Chuck bc Chuck is hilarious


I am very excited about Brulian getting a baby.. However I was a big fan of "Friends" and Im scared that the end of OTH is going to be similiar to the end of Friends... I love the fact that Haley wants to name her baby after her mom I just want to know what the middle name is going to be?? I also hope that Clay doesnt propose to Quinn I think it would ruin it.. I hope there is more seasons to come and he could propose then considering there is some much baby mama drama going on we dont need a proposal going on all at the same time... All in all good episode


I knew that was Levin Rambin on Wizards. I also think it's funny that she essintialy had a very similar role on Grey's, the pregnant teenager.

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