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Brooke and Julian meet with a pregnant girl to see about adopting her baby.  They do well in the interview, but when she comes to visit Brooke, Chloe finds out Brooke lied about a bunch of things.  Ultimately Chloe decides Brooke and Julian's baggage will help them raise the baby right.

Haley decides to name her soon to be baby girl after her mom, Lydia.  That is, after Quinn says that it's okay.  Quinn also gives Haley the brush their mom gave to her when she was born.

Nathan and Clay meet with Ian Kellerman a couple more times.  He is a lot like Nathan in the fact that his father is so overbearing, and they end up signing him up to be a client of Fortitude.

Millie starts her first job at the television station and Mouth is extremely supportive considering he was the one trying to get back into the business.

One Tree Hill
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One Tree Hill Season 8 Episode 16 Quotes

What about the off chance that he doesn't do so well, you gonna go all Dan Scott on him?


Brooke Penelope Davis Baker, you break that box spring and you're sleeping on the floor.


One Tree Hill Season 8 Episode 16 Music

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Off we go Off We Go Trent Dabbs iTunes
Song Easy Arnold
Carrying the torch Carrying The Torch Generationals iTunes