One Tree Hill Review: Here Come the Tears...

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Guess this is my lucky day. - Julian Baker

If you like One Tree Hill, you loved "The Other Half of Me."  This week's installment took me back to the days when this show could so easily pull at the heart strings of its audience, and made me forget any negative things I have had to say about the series in the recent past.

One Tree Hill Wedding Photo

In our most recent edition of the Chuck Round Table, I was asked if I teared up during the final scene of the episode.  My answer was no, but that I was never afraid to reveal when I get a bit too emotional watching fictional characters. 

Which brings me to my main argument for why this week's One Tree Hill was such a fantastic episode: There were two - count 'em, two! - moments in "The Other Half of Me" when it got extremely dusty in my living room.

You had to know this was going to be epic when they opened with young Brooke Davis catching a veil outside her house with the red door.  It set the emotional tone for the entire hour.

Let us cut ahead to the first time that the dust started to kick up into the eyes of television watchers everywhere.  As Brooke walked down the aisle to marry the man she loves, we witnessed the most glorious flashback montage I've seen in a long while.  Watching all of the moments that Brooke and Julian have been through since Austin Nichols first became a recurring star on One Tree Hill, interwoven with Sophia Bush smiling ear to ear as she prepared to rattle off her lovely vows, was nothing short of beautiful.

I'm not going to lie. The dust must have gotten worse at my place, or maybe my allergies started to act up, because I was starting to water optically when James Lucas Scott gave his best man speech. 

I think Haley was absolutely correct when she said to Jamie, "I have heard a lot of best man speeches in my life, and yours was by far the sweetest, most honest, and the most memorable."  Now, I haven't heard a lot of real best man speeches, but I've heard a lot on TV and in the movies, and this one - performed so eloquently by Jackson Brundage - ranks near the top. 

I have to give the young actor credit. I have given him some grief the past couple seasons for being more annoying than cute. With that speech, so poised and with such great delivery, he made up for everything. Fantastic job.

Waiting on Brooke

It wasn't just those two highly emotional moments that worked so well.  There was plenty more to rave about.  The Jamie/Julian dynamic was fantastic as always, but the Jamie/Haley moments were also solid. A rivalry between the best man's and maid of honor's speeches is cute and funny to begin with, but when that rivalry is between a mother and her little boy, it's genius. 

Haley's speech about her friendship was very sweet, but it couldn't compare to Jamie's.  When they had their moment at the end of the episode in which Haley mentions to Jamie that she's having a girl, Jamie's "I hope she's just like you, Mom" almost cuted me to death.

"The Other Half of Me" was focusing on the dramatics of the Tree Hill gang, but it didn't skimp on the comedy.  And this was the type of comedy that works well on this show. A corny joke by Julian that got big laughs the first two times he told it got immediately shot down by Nathan, who told him "two out of three's pretty solid." 

There were also plenty of shots of Brooke dancing like Molly Ringwold, Alex not being able to keep a secret for more than an hour, Skills way overplaying the role of usher at the wedding, and even Millie bringing the physical comedy as she laid out for the bouquet.  These were all moments that didn't overwhelm the storylines, but gave us a reason to chuckle in between our tears of joy.

So Julian and Brooke Baker are off to enjoy each other as man and wife in their limo... oh, wait, Chase and Mia took that to have slutty wedding sex. Make that in their truck.  What will happen next in Tree Hill, N.C. and can they top what we just witnessed in this week's episode?


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i love the series am just waitin for the next episode


I love that episode as well. It was perfect cause of the wedding and at the same time funny because of the wedding - I mean Skillz and of course a little mother/son competition. But I found a couple of great moments - beside all Brooke/Julian thing. First one is what Jamie said to Haley about his sister, when he was so hoping he will get a little brother. And the second thing was maid of honour speech. I think that they're better friends than with Peyton (and not because of the fact she wasn't there for Brooke) cause they better match with each other. But about Peyton, c'mon even if little Saywer was sick Lucas could came or stay home so that Peyton could go. I was so hoping that all that talking before the episode that they won't be there was just to suprise us. And somewhere along the wedding they will show up. So I'm dissapointed...
But hey, it wasn't about them but all about Brooke and Julian and they got exactly what they diserve - beautiful wedding


Okay so this was THE perfect wedding for Brooke! How weird do you reckon it was for Austin and Sophia though, a dress rehearsal maybe??! Lol.
When Jamie said that he hoped his new little sister would be like his mum, Haley I died! It just reminded of when Naley got married the first time and Nathan said he wanted a girl, so that she'd be exactly like Haley.
SkillS was HILARIOUS!!! And I am totally loving the Quinn/Alex friendship. Need more Robert Buckley though, there isn't enough of him right now... SORT IT OUT! Hilarie and Chad let me down so much!


Nice review! :) I agree, with most parts! :D:D Personally, I would agree with someone back down there who said Peyton and Lucas should have been there. I swear I thought the exact thing. Perhaps not Peyton being her bride of honour, but when the bride had to dance, I really thought Lucas could show up and lead her. It would have been picture perfect. The problem is not Lucas/Peyton not being there. It could have been any names in the world, what didn't click is her two best companions of one time not being there - somehow, just didn't seem complete for me! Anyway, Jamie/Haley were ADORABLE! It was a genius storyline as you put it! I loved it... I even went on Youtube and watched their scenes all over again, I loved it that much. Brooke's wedding was perfect, but what really made me tear up, was Haley's speech. Somehow, Haley's always been the "mother" on the show. She's always understood most of the people in Tree Hill better than anyone. Her speech got to me, though Jamie's was heart-warming to the H too. :) Brooke's been by far one of the most poignant characters in this show, if not THE most. She's been through so much, and grown but only in dignity. Watching her get her heart's desire was magnificent. All we need is a baby now. I don't even care if she's not the biological mother, she just has to be a mother once in that series! Actually, a second time... ;) Another thing, it's true how most of the episode's best dialogues wouldn't have made sense if someone hadn't been following OTH since the beginning! All those references - I loved it! :) Way to go... Now, I feel like the rest of the episodes will just be filling ones. I hope that's not the case! :P


Skills was just hilarious! Of course you wouldn't understand a thing if you weren't a OTH longtime fan but it was just genius!


I loved the episode a lot but (about to sound like a whiny fan) Peyton and Lucas should have been there. Poor Brooke had been through so much and she was always there for Peyton and Lucas, always and they couldn't even make it to her wedding. The excuse that their daughter was sick was just weak for OTH standards. I was half-expecting Lucas to pop up and be the one to give Brooke away, or to lead her onto the dance floor for the father/daughter dance. Besides, it's not like the actors who played Lucas and Peyton are doing anything else. Oh was still a great episode and I still cried :)


This episode reminded me of the old One Tree Hill, so it was amazing. And I am loving the Quinn/Alex friendship !!




I am a huge fan of the show, this was perfect from begining to end how they started with the girl behind the red door and ended right at the red door it was very magical for us fans, and many are saying its the best wedding/episode since naleys wedding.
I must say i loved EACH and every one of our characters in this episode, but i was really hopeing alex/chase would end up together I want to see some drama upcoming, and some more naley scenes consideering they are having a baby GIRL we found out


I have been watching this show from the beginning & have cried numerous times! This was just another instance! Brooke & Julian deserve their happiness & Jamie is absolutely adorable!

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One Tree Hill Season 8 Episode 13 Quotes

Julian: Why would your rabbit have an emotional response to our wedding?
Jamie: Well, he's always had a thing for Brooke.

I have heard a lot of best man speeches in my life, and yours was by far the sweetest, most honest, and the most memorable.