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It's Brooke and Julian's wedding day in Tree Hill. Other than Brooke's dad not showing up, and some bickering between Julian's parents, the ceremony goes smoothly.

Skills, Mouth and Chase are ushers for the wedding, but Skill takes it a little too seriously.  Thanks to him acting as security detail the wedding goes down with no problems at all.

Jamie and Haley are in a bit of a rivalry as they compete for the best maid of honor/best man speech.  Haley gives in and tells her son to just tell a good story about Julian.  Jamie's story about Julian finding his other half in Brooke blows Haley's speech out of the water.

Quinn tells Clay that she was following Katie and that's the reason the psycho came back to Tree Hill.  Clay forgives her.

Alex is upset because Chase came to the wedding with Mia.  It is certainly a crushing defeat when she sees the two of them having "slutty wedding sex" in Brooke and Julian's limo.

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quina, i couldnt agree with your comments more! Lets hope when the series finale arrives, P&L will finally make it back to Tree Hill


i liked the whole entire episode....until it got to the end.
one of my favorite parts of one tree hill has always been the relationship between brooke and peyton and to kind of completely bring an end to the friendship annoyed me. peyton and brooke spent plenty of years apart supposedly during the time between seasons 4 and 5 yet they still remained best friends. so it doesn't make sense to me that brooke would be over her friendship with peyton because peyton is busy with her family. that goes against everything that has happened in the whole series. maybe im just a little mad because i have always been hoping for a chad and hilarie return and i felt like this kind of closed the window for them to come back at all before the series ends.

One Tree Hill Season 8 Episode 13 Quotes

Julian: Why would your rabbit have an emotional response to our wedding?
Jamie: Well, he's always had a thing for Brooke.

I have heard a lot of best man speeches in my life, and yours was by far the sweetest, most honest, and the most memorable.