Pretty Little Liars Season Finale to Blow Everyone's Mind!

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On the latest episode of Pretty Little Liars, we saw Emily at the center of an anti-gay campaign, led by Paige's dad.

This led to a reconciliation with her mother, followed by a kiss that our critic easily saw coming. What can fans expect over the final few weeks of the show? Teases Shay Mitchell to E! News:

"The season finale is going to blow everyone's mind. A lot of questions you had throughout the season will get answered, but then you will have so many more questions. The unexpected will all occur in this last episode."

It's hard to get more intriguing than that, isn't it? Discuss recent events in our Pretty Little Liars forum and prepare for next week via the following promo:


hope caleb isnt bad. i like him with hanna, theyre soo cute.


i hope they wont turn him into a dark person ...i wat them 2 be together love hannah

I am xoxo

hanna n caleb kiss? wow! pls make caleb stay...i love his character.

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