Private Practice Review: "Home Again"

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"Home Again" was a particularly compelling episode of Private Practice.

This was because of two very intense storylines. We expected to find a very stoic and waspy Addison frigid in the aftermath of her mother's death.

She waved Sam off at the airport when he insisted on accompanying her to Connecticut ("It was like Addison was taken over by the ghost of her cold and waspy mother," Sam explained to the others), and greeted her co-workers as if they were patrons of the Montgomery Museum. 

What did everyone expect? Addison was in shock.

Off to Connecticut

What no one but Charlotte knew was that Bizzy didn't die of a heart attack or aneurism; she killed herself and Addison found her body. "Believe me, no one wants to know the truth," she told Charlotte. "You mean that your mother killed herself?"

If anyone was to get wise to Addison's skeletons, I'd prefer it be Charlotte. She's cool.

Leave it to Bizzy to:

  1. Assign Addison the eulogy
  2. Meet with the funeral director each year to update her contact list, so that the proper people would be invited to her memorial.  

When the Captain and Archer greeted everyone at the house, cocktail hour had gone south and the Captain got a little mouthy. He accused everyone at Oceanside Wellness Group of failing to save his late wife.  It was a heart attack. No, it was an aneurism.

Whatever it was, everyone's money (or their parents' money) was wasted on medical school. So, let's all go back to California and burn those medical degrees, because the Captain said so.

The only morsel of comic relief came when the captain asked if Violet was in attendance:

The Captain: "Is...Violet?"
Pete: "Uh, not here.  She had an emergency at work."
The Captain: "Shame."
Pete: "She sends her best."

But then it wasn't so funny when the Captain and Pete got into a scuffle, resulting in a few stitches for the poor Captain. I never realized how much he cared about Bizzy, but the Captain assumed she would return to him once Susan died.

A wasp's outer shell isn't so impenetrable, after all. Addison finally told Sam what really happened to Bizzy after he refused to let her go another minute with that creepy half-smile she'd been wearing with pearls. 

"That was a nice eulogy," Sam said to Addison after the memorial. "Thank you," replied Addison.  "Now I want to hear the real one," Sam demanded, shaking her out of her wasp coma.

Finally a hot mess of emotion, Addison broke the news to Archer, who let himself weep when Bizzy was laid to rest. 

It was an interesting thing Addison said to Archer about Bizzy's suicide, about how it wasn't selfish after all of her to do it; Bizzy just wasn't thinking. That's a though to leave you with.

The death row story kept me just as engaged as Addison's. This woman fought tirelessly for her husband's stay from death row for seventeen years, even though he confessed to the murder. In the end, she wasn't able to do it.

Sheldon and Violet were there to lend support to both she and her husband the defendant, with Sheldon even reassuring the defendant he'd be on the other side of the glass to lend support.

It was especially moving when the defendant's wife asked the victim's widow for more time. After a speech that left me a little teary-eyed, the widow said "I don't have anymore time to give. Your husband took it all from me."

What did you think of last night's Private Practice? What were your favorite scenes and where do you see things going from here? Discuss below!


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I don't like Sam-Addison story, I tried, I really did. I love Naomi, she is the strength and brings morals to this story. I hate where they are taking her, she was once so strong and important to this show. I was sad to see Bizzy go, I hope they bring the Captain and Archer back from time to time.


@tfacerock The husband actually narrated the crime that he did. When he confessed it to Sheldon, he told him what happened. He shot Mr. Miller at a moment of weakness; saying that something inside him broke.


So in the storyline with violet and sheldon, what did the husband do? i don't think they ever said how he killed the man specifically, and i was kind of curious.


Where is the Addisam storyline Kate Walsh keeps talking about. they dont even share more than 6 seconds per episode together. Just disappointment!!!


they needed to give Addison and Sam more airtime. WTF!!!


MORE Addison and Sam


Loved the 2 seconds of addisam scene. I have nothing else to say about the horrible episode.


@Blairendipity I hear he's supposedly pursuing another project right now but he's due to come back eventually. Those were reports I read about long ago though so I'm not sure if they still stand.


i thought Violet-Sheldon storyline was totally boring and felt like a space filler. i just couldnt be bothered about it (i dont really care about Violet`s character anyway, but i really like Sheldon). But Addison storyline was great! Even though i would of like the Sam-Addie scene (her breakdown) to last longer. And i feel like for many episodes we havent seen any hot and sexy scenes between Addie and Sam. ps has dr Rodriguez left for good? i really hope so, i found him annoying. when a woman tells you she has a boyfriend, for God´s sake, back off!!!


I realize this has nothing to do with the episode, but does anybody know where Dr. Fife, Naomi's love interest from last season is right now?

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