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Early in the episode, Clark said "I just wish I could freeze this moment in time forever." Had he said that last week, or possibly at any other point this season, I might have agreed with him. 

Never in the history of Smallville has an episode felt more like it belonged among the tweenybopper staples that make up the bulk of the CW schedule than "Fortune" did tonight.

With so much yet to wrap up before the series ends in May, why the writers felt the need to take this ridiculous detour into an awful subplot involving a night of mystical debauchery is completely beyond the realm of my capacity to fathom. To say I didn't like this episode is a gross understatement. 

For a brief moment, I thought perhaps there was going to be some other explanation of the events, involving the heroes and their identities, perhaps, when Emil was being interrogated by thugs, but alas, it was a futile sense of hope I experienced. 

What took the cake was putting Oliver Queen - the Green Freaking Arrow - in showgirl drag. I cannot believe they reduced the epic hero to…this. I'm so disgusted, I'm having difficulty even attempting to muster the wit to appropriately denigrate the situation. Just idiotic, ludicrous, not even worth my time to spend straining for a positive moment upon which to focus.

Before I start getting lambasted for my view here, I am a longtime fan of Smallville, of these characters and of Superman in general. In any other season, I might have tolerated an episode like this, but not when we have eight episodes left, have hardly scratched the Darkseid surface and still have the Alexander/Con-El situation to work out. I feel cheated and disrespected.

These characters and actors are far better than this preposterous mess, and I'm ashamed they were treated with such pitiful disdain. To make matters worse, this is the note on which they choose to send Chloe out. Heartbreaking, and not in the appropriate and expected way.

Even trying to slip in a sweet Clark and Lois moment near the end cannot salvage the train wreck. The only thing garnering it even ONE star from me, is the fact that it is now over.

Kinda wish I had my own Zatanna-charmed bottle of champagne at the moment so that I could wake up in the morning with no recollection of this disaster. 


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I watched this at a friend's house who had recorded it for me. She didn't see it, but I told her that this would be an excellent introduction to this series. Above all, Smallville (and the Superman story) has all the elements of great theater. We fear, we empathize, we laugh, and we cry in every episode. Sometimes we can understand the characters most completely when we see them at their silliest. I loved this espisode, though Chloe seems a little fickle at times.


@smallvillefan101 You might be confusing "review" with "recap." We assume, here, that our readers have already seen the episode, therefore our reviews reflect that. They are intended to deliver editorial opinions, feelings on what we think of the episodes. I did allude to Chloe's departure and a CLois moment, but because I felt the ridiculousness of the plot - especially Oliver Drag Queen - overshadowed everything else about the episode, that is where I focused. Sometimes a review sings praises, sometimes it comes in the form of a "rant." :-) For recaps, you can check out the Episode Guide for this and any other show on the site. Fortune in particular:


i can understand why you didn't like this episode, @Jeffrey Kirkpatrick, but even so, you didn't even touch on anything Chloe. this was, what i assume to be, her final episode. not too mention, is this the last we have seen of Oliver as well? she is moving to star city and he said that she wouldn't go there without him. I honestly can't see this as a review. this was more of a rant. and while i understand this episode was just a filler, and not that great of one, you only griped about how it had nothing to do with the main plot. (again, this is understandable) , but when a link to an article clearly says 'Review' one usually expects it to be a review.


1 star? wow


@Elizabeth Yeah, I'm not buying at all that much depth was intended with this episode. Clearly a throw caution to the wind episode if there ever was one, and for me it didn't work at all. I agree not every episode has to be dark, but there should at least be some contribution to the overall continuum, and there just wasn't here. The Tess/Emil knowing glance was like some awful SNL parody of a perfume commercial, and felt awkwardly interjected. Why hint at an attraction there when there is zero time left to explore it? Just pointless. And never under any circumstances should a superhero be forced into drag, unless the show is obviously a tongue in cheek depiction, which Smallville is not. It's a serious drama, with lighthearted moments - not a completely laughable farce. The best argument I've read in these comments so far is how last week Clark was planning to use a disguise, and this week it was no where to be found. What is that about? Not to mention going on as Oliver's Omega Mark doesn't exist. Stick to the continuity writers!! I can only hope the remaining episodes are solid.


After 10 years, I'm glad chloe got her happily ever after and her own superhero (even though i know this goes against all the comics). she's always been my favorite character. and chloe and oliver have such mad chemistry together.
not sure how they will resolve the oliver darkness thing though???


yes that's also true and even I first wonder why she (and Emil) was there but it actually didn't bother me, since I like her (and I was sceptical at first, but she grows on me).
It also may be because they need other people and they were what's closer to friends for Clark and Lois. Because we never see them interact with other people.
Even if Clark could have invite "his" super-team, it would have been great but who Lois could have invite? At least, they had the same number of people^^


I know why it seemed odd particularly, we hardly see Tess act so close to the team's social lives, she's more been in their business world; catching the villain's and being handy at watchtower. It's a step up her just being a friend, not only around Oliver, but Lois and even Chloe; someone she crossed paths with before and not all good memories.


@SuperIdole ...but we haven't seen much of Tess as a relationship type either, I don't know why it was odd though seeing her with the group, she has truly grown as a character.

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