Smallville Review: "Fortune"

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Early in the episode, Clark said "I just wish I could freeze this moment in time forever." Had he said that last week, or possibly at any other point this season, I might have agreed with him. 

Never in the history of Smallville has an episode felt more like it belonged among the tweenybopper staples that make up the bulk of the CW schedule than "Fortune" did tonight.

With so much yet to wrap up before the series ends in May, why the writers felt the need to take this ridiculous detour into an awful subplot involving a night of mystical debauchery is completely beyond the realm of my capacity to fathom. To say I didn't like this episode is a gross understatement. 

For a brief moment, I thought perhaps there was going to be some other explanation of the events, involving the heroes and their identities, perhaps, when Emil was being interrogated by thugs, but alas, it was a futile sense of hope I experienced. 

What took the cake was putting Oliver Queen - the Green Freaking Arrow - in showgirl drag. I cannot believe they reduced the epic hero to…this. I'm so disgusted, I'm having difficulty even attempting to muster the wit to appropriately denigrate the situation. Just idiotic, ludicrous, not even worth my time to spend straining for a positive moment upon which to focus.

Before I start getting lambasted for my view here, I am a longtime fan of Smallville, of these characters and of Superman in general. In any other season, I might have tolerated an episode like this, but not when we have eight episodes left, have hardly scratched the Darkseid surface and still have the Alexander/Con-El situation to work out. I feel cheated and disrespected.

These characters and actors are far better than this preposterous mess, and I'm ashamed they were treated with such pitiful disdain. To make matters worse, this is the note on which they choose to send Chloe out. Heartbreaking, and not in the appropriate and expected way.

Even trying to slip in a sweet Clark and Lois moment near the end cannot salvage the train wreck. The only thing garnering it even ONE star from me, is the fact that it is now over.

Kinda wish I had my own Zatanna-charmed bottle of champagne at the moment so that I could wake up in the morning with no recollection of this disaster. 


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@Elizabeth Lizza: I think it's normal to see Tess with them since they now trust her with Watchtower. From what I see, she's part of their team.


There were a lot of issues revealed beneath the commonality of the subplot. The angle of confusion was well captured, heads were spinning from beginning to end trying to figure out what was happening, the raccoon took the cherry on the top; nibbling the chips off of Clark's chest. 1) We have Lois revealing that she may not be even as near perfect as Clark, which stroke up an interesting issue. Even though Lois loves Clark, she believes his destiny would always be greater, and she definitely would not want to keep him back. Clark reassured Lois that she is all he needs, and no matter how many times we hear it, it solidifies their relationship as Clark grows with his powers. 2)Lois shrugged when Oliver's arms were over her. These two are clearly over, far past the unresolved feelings and made it to friendship, that is a great accomplishment. 3)Chloe and Oliver got married! Yeah they were drunk, but in wine there is truth and it says how significant their relationship is. 4)Chloe is leaving? Why she just got here? She has seen others like Clark, which suggests that this plot would be unraveled in a future installment. I picture Chloe coming to save the day, or be a helpful ally. Is Oliver going with her? It seems like they would not be getting an annulment/divorce. 5)Tess was invited to Lois and Clark's Bachelor/Bachelorette party. Did they just need people, or does this mean that Tess has come a looooooooong way from the villain she was in the early seasons. Not to mention Tess and Emil! Tess has truly grown in her character, especially from Zod's time. 6)Another Kryptonite for Clark would be whatever Zatanna put in that liquor, Clark cannot afford to have blackouts like that. 7)It all comes down to the fact that all these characters we are fond of, are human, even Clark. You punch them and it hurts, tell a joke and they laugh and they love just the same. So this episode probably wasn't the complete filler episode made out to be here, but it had a lot of small plots and character changes that when you sit back, you realize that it was equally entertaining as well as informative. Not every episode would be loaded with closure plots, so it was enjoyable indeed. Maybe just don't put Oliver in a show girl costume again and we'll be fine, just maybe.


I also think it was a great episode! Yeah I understand that some could think it's a waste of time since that's the last season but for me, it was not a loss and I really enjoyed it!


I myself thought it was a great episode. I even told my brother, who is also a huge fan like me, that it was one of the best episodes ever, just because it was so funny. It broke up the seriousness of the show for a little while, and gave fans a chance to laugh at the otherwise serious hero's. It made them seem more like any normal person, and gave us a better chance to relate to them. I think it was amazingly acted, and to say that it was so awful like that, is a total slap in the face to the actors that have been giving us fans such a wonderful show. So to Jeffrey Kirkpatrick or who ever wrote that, shame on you for disrespecting the actors so much.


Ow, and Oliver Queen is drag is HOT!!!


This episode is getting a lot of grieve from a lot of people, and yes it has it's flaws but god, was that a fun ride. I absolutely enjoyed it. The thing is, this show is not just about a guy in a superhero suit fighting crime, this is about a alien with superpowers who in his heart is just like any other .guy. It was nice to see Clark mess up, it was nice to see that this show isn't just about Clark but he has a lot of people around him that make him who he is, it was nice to see Chloe get her happily ever after (well kinda). Yes we only have a few episodes to go, and I understand why that frustrates people, but after quite a few dark and heavy episodes this season, and quite a few potentially even darker and heavier ones to come, it's nice to get a little breather, before going head on towards to finale


@ Michael
By my count they have seven episodes left. Scion, Booster, Kent, Dominion, Prophecy, and the two hour finale. Scion is about Superboy, Booster about Booster Gold, and the finale has to be at least in part about Lex vs Clark. That doesn't give Darkseid much air time assuming the rest of the episodes deal with him. Does anybody remember Doomsday?


Just a FYI we have two more months till may we the season is it even half way over it also these is not the finally time we will see Chole


@ Jeff
The sad thing is it looks like that's EXACTLY what they did. Usually I pass these things off as an homage to the original, but other than Zatanna having to spell the champagne to affect Clark, it was an exact rip off.


@Tom Well said. It's like the writers completely threw the book out the window and said "Hey, I was watching The Hangover last night...wouldn't it be fun if....?" Absolutely 100% ridiculous.

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