Smallville Review: "Fortune"

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Early in the episode, Clark said "I just wish I could freeze this moment in time forever." Had he said that last week, or possibly at any other point this season, I might have agreed with him. 

Never in the history of Smallville has an episode felt more like it belonged among the tweenybopper staples that make up the bulk of the CW schedule than "Fortune" did tonight.

With so much yet to wrap up before the series ends in May, why the writers felt the need to take this ridiculous detour into an awful subplot involving a night of mystical debauchery is completely beyond the realm of my capacity to fathom. To say I didn't like this episode is a gross understatement. 

For a brief moment, I thought perhaps there was going to be some other explanation of the events, involving the heroes and their identities, perhaps, when Emil was being interrogated by thugs, but alas, it was a futile sense of hope I experienced. 

What took the cake was putting Oliver Queen - the Green Freaking Arrow - in showgirl drag. I cannot believe they reduced the epic hero to…this. I'm so disgusted, I'm having difficulty even attempting to muster the wit to appropriately denigrate the situation. Just idiotic, ludicrous, not even worth my time to spend straining for a positive moment upon which to focus.

Before I start getting lambasted for my view here, I am a longtime fan of Smallville, of these characters and of Superman in general. In any other season, I might have tolerated an episode like this, but not when we have eight episodes left, have hardly scratched the Darkseid surface and still have the Alexander/Con-El situation to work out. I feel cheated and disrespected.

These characters and actors are far better than this preposterous mess, and I'm ashamed they were treated with such pitiful disdain. To make matters worse, this is the note on which they choose to send Chloe out. Heartbreaking, and not in the appropriate and expected way.

Even trying to slip in a sweet Clark and Lois moment near the end cannot salvage the train wreck. The only thing garnering it even ONE star from me, is the fact that it is now over.

Kinda wish I had my own Zatanna-charmed bottle of champagne at the moment so that I could wake up in the morning with no recollection of this disaster. 


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I thought the episode was light hearted and funny, I was expecting like the editor said a different ending "other explanation of the events, involving the heroes and their identities" but the fact they were drunk just made it more funny. It was a little off the season path but maybe it will tie in l8r, in fact if we all remember The Darkness who says the casino owner doesnt come back in that aspect...???


I'm a Smallville fan and usually the show's most ardent defender, but the reviewer hit the nail on the head. What a mess. No they don't have time to waste, they have six episodes left and one of those is about Booster Gold. The errors in logic abound. If Chloe and Oliver got married, why did Clark wake up with a ring on? Why would Fortune want to wear Lois ring? Why would Lois bet it even on a sure thing? Last week was all about Clark wearing the disguise, so why didn't he wear it in the Casino? Oliver is marked by the darkness, but it doesn't seem to have affected him a bit? Why did Fortune continue to hit on Ollie even after it was clear he wasn't a show girl? So the wedding in the chapel was a prank or was it? Is Olliver leaving with Chloe? Nothing was accomplished here, no plots moved forward, and this was the best way to say goodbye to Chloe? Oh my god, what a disaster.


Okay, not the best Smallville episode...Green Arrow in drag, loved and part of the episode.


* i wont see her in this show!
am gonna miss tuning up every Friday on tv...
too bad chloe's gone!


the one who review it dont know how to have FUN! give this episode a break! i like it! tho i dont understand why i feel so sad when chloe talking to clark saying goodbye and to oliver!
its like i never gonna see her again!
well technically i wont see her ev


I dont think you were meant to take this episode seriously, the writers just wanted one fun episode before the finale dramatic finale


I guess she is Queen Chloe now.


I have very little knowledge about Batman, so I had no idea most of his villains know his identity. Thanks for clearing that up for me Michael.


Come on People its not like its that hard to find out who batman is I mean almost all his Villains know its Bruce escape Joker


It obviously was not the greatest episode, but it was fun. We got to see a completely different side of the characters which was refreshing in a way. However, there were some parts of the episode that I was not very fond of though and they had to do with the last few scenes. I didn't like how Chloe just gets up and leaves without saying goodbye to the others besides Clark (Lois IS her cousin after all). Secondly, having Chloe easily accept that she got married to Oliver, when just last week she couldn't even define their relationship did not make much sense to me. I actually didn't like them getting married period, because I never liked the Chloe/Ollie relationship (I'm a Black Canary fan). I know that it's way too early for Oliver & Dinah to begin a relationship, but I have to say I honestly dread watching Chloe & Oliver together...that's just my opinion. I loved how Chloe mentioned Wonder Woman & Batman (though how she found out Batman is Bruce Wayne I'll never know). The very few Clois scenes were great, and so were the Lois/Oliver & Clark/Chloe scenes. Not one of my favourites, but I still enjoyed it.

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