Smallville Spoilers: Who is Superboy?

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Major spoiler warning: Stop reading now if you don't wish to know the true identity of a certain character on Smallville.

Okay? Ready? Here goes...

Alexander is Conner Kent.

Indeed, as teased in the final few moments of "Beacon" - when Tess tried to inject him with cyanide - the Luthor clone (portrayed by Lucas Gabreel) will soon be revealed as Superboy, the human hybrid of Kal-El and Lex. TV Line broke this scoop.

Smallville Spoiler Pic

Said Brian Peterson and Kelly Souders in a statement: “Conner’s journey is manipulated by a master. Luckily, someone knows more about Conner’s life than he does. But he should be wary of strangers bearing gifts.”

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wish they come back with a new series knowing they had a fanale


@Dr.CerrenoMD WHAT???!!! They're wiping out Lois' memory at the end? Where did you hear that? Seriously, if they do that then all the clois progress this season would've been useless. What would have been the point? DON'T DO IT, WRITERS!!!


Its so cool Conner getting the respect that he earn


I am glad they are introducing superboy... its nice that we as comic book fans get to see some if not most of the characters that the original Superman series has spawned. I hope that he chooses the right path and maybe he and kara will go off together... should be very interesting series finale... altho what is this I hear about Lois's memory being wiped clean at the end??


I'm actually impressed with Smallville here, they're managed bring back every guy who's ever played Lex to play this clone. Very cool. Let's hope Smallville goes out with a bang.


ok im sorry but as a huge comic fan i think this is stupid. i have been gearing up all season for this damn kid to grow up and become Lex and now hes Superboy?? LAME. i know Michael Rosenbaum is coming back so we WILL see Lex but now that its not this kid i kinda dont care about him...........


This sounds interesting.
I wanna watch. Please air it now.


this is cool! I repeat myself but with all these ideas, it's a shame Smallville end!


I don't watch the show, but caught the last few minutes before Supernatural. The bent needle really piqued my interest, so it's good to know what that meant!

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