The CW Reveals Season Finale Dates for Gossip Girl, The Vampire Diaries and More

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When will your favorite CW series say goodbye for the season; or, in the case of Smallville, bid farewell forever?

The network has released its season finale calendar. Set your DVR, and purchase a new box of Kleenex, accordingly...

Thursday, May 12
The Vampire Diaries

Friday, May 13
Smallville (two hours)

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Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley

Monday, May 16
Gossip Girl

Tuesday, May 17
One Tree Hill

Wednesday, May 18
America’s Next Top Model

Friday, May 20
Supernatural (two hours)


Stefan and Elena always... I love Chuck and Blair


Has One Tree Hill and Hellcats been renewed yet look at this Tuesday, May 17
One Tree Hill


@The Yalier
Yeah but Stefan has an iPhone which is even better lol

David and sabrina 2014

what I think about Vampire Diaries ending its season on May 12th, I hope that the season ends oustanding and good after the ultimate time of Klaus coming to Mystic Falls. I wonder what will happen after this season comes to an end and if it will be like new moon but the opposite and if Stefan and Elena will still stick together.=)This surely will be a season to remember like the 1st one filled with the kinds of action I liked from the start of this season and this show. I also wonder if Damon will still be the same good and bad salvatore brother from the start and waht will become of him if he has nobody to love. When it comes to season 2 ending,I wonder what the 3rd season will be like when it arrives but one things for sure is that it will take a while (and I sometimes go impatient for more new episodes) and I hope that it will be a wonderful startup like Eclipse but different. Vampire Diaries lives as my world to be loved forever!!=)


@Shannon: Dean & Sam Winchester are probably the best characters on TV ever.
If Supernatural ever ends, I will cry like a baby. I spend hours watching S1-6 at days when I need something to cheer me up!


LEAVE DAMON ALONE! He's freaking gorgeous. The Vampire Diaries is my favourite TV show ever. Supernatural is a crap show, not worth anyone's time. I love Damon and I'm a Delena fan!


Supernatural is great! I really hope it's not the series final. I've heard rumors it'll be picked up for season 7 but nothing has been confirmed. The actors are only signed up to season 6. Sam and Dean are awesome.


I don't really like the Elena-chasing thing either, Why did they killed of Rose, she was like.. PERFECT! But yeah, now hes back to Bad-ass, i hope, when he was soft he was like so cute, but when i think about it, Damon is like way better Bad! TEAM BAD DAMON x)


so agree.. chuck and blair FTW.. even though dan and blair are cute, i reallyyy want a chuck/blair finaleee!!


Okay Chuck and Blair for GG!!!!! AND DAMON AND ELENA!!!!!!!!! :)

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