The Defenders Review: "Nevada v. Doug The Mule"

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Those wily women and their powers of feminine persuasion!

In “Nevada v. Doug the Mule,” Nick and Pete defended a young man who had fallen victim to a female con artist, and unknowingly trafficked drugs for her into the country.

Love certainly makes you do stupid things. Although, having your dad pay for your prostitute probably doesn’t make the feelings any better.

Dan Aykroyd  on The Defenders

Nick was caught with the love bug as well, but she wasn’t a hooker. It’s great that they are continuing his relationship with Cole’s sister. I wish some of it would occur on screen, but it’s good to see that plotline continue.

Nick clearly likes Linda, but wasn’t sure the right way to go about calling her back. Watching him discuss with Pete the proper relationship protocol was funny. Pete, after all, is the smooth ladies man. However, he hasn’t seemed to have really held any long-term relationships at all.

Unfortunately, in Nick’s desires to express his connection and love for Linda, he called her. Multiple times. And he left her nine messages that screamed awkward, desperate, and a little over eager. Pete sitting behind Nick with a sheepish grin, watching him try to leave a succinct message illuminated that humor and chemistry that works so well between the two lawyers.

You can’t blame the guy for wanting to make a good impression though. Nick wasn’t desperate at all. He simply found a woman that he enjoyed spending time with, and rather than worry about the “rules of dating,” he just wanted to express those feelings. He may not be the most debonair, but he’s certainly entertaining.

So entertaining, that Nick got to continue his antics with women, by being at the center of a sting operation. His horrible clothes and flustered actions were perfect, although I’m sure he’d argue it was all acting.

It was another great group of scenes that showed the humor, charm, and all around fun that this show thrives on. Even the way the shots were edited and filmed illustrated a charismatic and lighthearted feel that was similar to some of Ocean’s Eleven scenes.

The quick zooms and transitions added to the humor of Nick having to wait for Pete to make the call. Nick floundering to stall, only to be caught up in the moment and then shut down was perfect. Even the little slap with the concluding music fit.

As for Dan Aykroyd’s guest spot, I at first was a little disappointed. He appeared for a few minutes at the start of the episode and then disappeared. However, after seeing him reappear at the end renewed my hopes for his character. I like the way his set up was prior to his focus episode, but I’m hoping that his actual episode will include a payoff. It would be disappointing to see him go to waste.

Another pretty good episode for The Defenders. The show is truly at its best when it doesn’t take itself too seriously. Hopefully, there are more moments like the sting operation in the future. As for next week’s episode, I’m sure there’s going to be some sort of reference to the Blues Brothers. How can there not?


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Does anyone know who the music is by during the scene where Kim Matula (Mia) comes out of the pool in a bikini ??


I really like this show, and will be sad when it's not renewed. I don't understand why it didn't catch on. Really good interpretation of the system, and fun, engaging characters to boot. Sigh.


@ Virg - Glad we could finally agree haha


How about that. We agree on one. Well done show and great acting. And glad I am not the only one that remembers Blues Brothers.