The Mentalist Episode Trailer: Who Did It?!?

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On the latest episode of The Mentalist, Hightower entered the field and assisted Jane on an investigation.

But it looks like the exact opposite will take place on "Red Queen." That installment will focus on the death of an antiques dealer and evidence that leads back to a member of the CBI team.

It's safe to assume Jane didn't do it, but check out the preview below and prepare for a situation you likely couldn't have predicted would arise:

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you are right. It couldn't be Hightower, not after the latest episode where she and Jane totally formed a rapport. Also, why would this be part of the spoiler, wouldn't that be giving it away. It is a Patrick scheme, and I'm sure the gun to his head is real and he is genuinely scared. I too am anticipating a great Bruno Heller episode, I wish he wrote all of them.


Can't wait for this episode. If this is just a Jane scheme with Hightower in on it, then it's quite brilliant, though he does look genuinely scared. On the other hand if this is for real, then the narrator is right; totally didn't see this one coming!


In this episode we will also find out who killed Todd and more about Red John (according to TV Guide). In the promo it looks like it's one of Jane's tricks to catch the real killer (has happened before) and HT isn't really holding him captive.

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