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Money Burning
"Forest Green"

When woman is found dead near a remote social club on The Mentalist, Jane finds a way to infilitrate the group.

"Silver Wings of Time"

Jane, Lisbon and the FBI team try to exonerate an inmate who has two days left on death row before his execution on The Mentalist.


In order to catch a deadly gang of art thieves, Jane and Lisbon go undercover but sparks fly between Lisbon and an agent from the FBI's art squad on The Mentalist.

"White as the Driven Snow"

Grace is kidnapped by the person targeting former members of the CBI and Rigsby begs Jane to help find her on The Mentalist.

"Grey Water"

After a shocking attack, Rigsby and Van Pelt travel to Austin to help figure out who is targeting former CBI Agents while Fischer and Jane investigate a murder at an oil fracking site on The Mentalist.

"Black Helicopters"

When a US Attorney is found dead in Mexico, Jane ends up becoming a part of a separtist commune in order to investigate on The Mentalist.

"The Golden Hammer"

The FBI investigates a cartographer who may have uncovered a spy ring before he was killed while Grace and Wayne find themselves in the middle of a deadly conspiracy on The Mentalist.

"White Lines"

When several DEA agents are killed, the FBI investigates and Jane goes on a date with a beautiful woman to find a lead in the case on The Mentalist.

"Green Thumb"

When a computer programmer vanishes, the FBI wants Jane to work the case but he'll only do so if Lisbon can work with him on The Mentalist.

"My Blue Heaven"

Two years after the Red John case, Jane is contacted with a surprising offer that could change his future on The Mentalist.